Game Manual Gearbox Car Parking

Game Manual Gearbox Car Parking
Publisher olzhass
Genre Simulation
Size 200M
Latest Version 4.5.4
MOD Info Money/Unlocked
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OS Games Android

Parking is something challenging for many people around the world, and some spend a lot of time to be able to park the car correctly. This is also one of the essential criteria to be able to evaluate students when they join the driver’s license class. If it is impossible to park the car correctly, the students will probably have to spend a lot of money to be able to continue learning from the beginning. But this is also a tough thing to be mastered, and you will have to try a lot to be able to do it. But in reality, players are not given too much time to be able to practice freely, so why not use your phone to practice?

If you want to find a game to practice patience and parking, then come to the game Manual Gearbox Car Parking. This is a game made by olzhass; this is a company with not too much reputation in the world game market. But their games still give players great gaming experience. Previously, they have released two famous games, “Car Parking Multiplayer” and “Real Car Parking 3D”, this game is a combination of these two games. So it will give players the most quintessential of those two games for players to experience.


The gameplay of the game is designed very simple for players to easily control their cars. The main task of the player is to perform the parking perfect to complete the stages. Players only need to drive their vehicle to the locations marked on the minimap to park there. When the player gets there, the player will see a yellow rectangle about the size of the player’s vehicle. And the player will have to move his car to that rectangle to complete the stage. Players will get the instructions in green to be able to reach the location they need. It sounds simple, but players will be affected by many things in the game, and just a small mistake can cause players to start from the beginning.

For example, a collision, players only need to occur a minor crash, the player may have to play again from the beginning. Also, there is another major factor affecting the parking of the player, which is the pedestrian on the sidewalk, if the player just collides with them, the player will have to restart the stage instantly. So players need to be careful to avoid all other vehicles are moving on the road and those who are walking on the sidewalk too. The game also highlights the perfect element; if the player does not put the car in the required position, it will not be possible to win. If the player is not in the right place, then the stage will not be able to end, and there will be notices to remind players what to do to park successfully.



In this game, what the player has is not only the normal parking mode, but the player also has one more game mode that is racing. This is the place for players to express their speed, know who is the best freely. Players can race with other players to be able to challenge their skills and speed during the racing process. Players can also choose to race, for example, 400m or 1200m to decide the time of the race.

Car Warehouse

In racing games, the car is indispensable, this game is the same, in the game, there are many cars for players to choose. From normal cars to supercars, all are present in the game for players to use freely. But to get them, the player will first have to go through stages to accumulate money to buy the car he likes.


The game has a very vivid and unique 3D graphic format, but it does not seem to be as perfect as games in the same genre. But that is not a big problem, and players will still have great experiences when playing this game. Because its playing style is very close to reality and simple graphics but no less attractive. Manual Gearbox Car Parking is a racing game, but its playing style and design do not say this. These have contributed to the uniqueness of this game, giving players a new experience that is nowhere to be found.

MOD Info?
  • Endless money;
  • Change the language in the game settings to unlock all cars;
  • All paid content is unlocked: characters, advertising shutdown, W16 engine, house, colored smoke, horns and police sirens.


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