Game MARVEL Realm of Champions

Game MARVEL Realm of Champions
Publisher Kabam Games
Genre Action, RPG
Size 867M
Latest Version 0.4.3
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Update November 23, 2020 (4 months ago)

Recently, the topic of superheroes has always been the favorite topic of many fans around the world. Whether it’s comic books or movies, they all have huge success across the globe. In the world, we have two famous comic book production studios, and they have another excellent film. Let’s go to Marvel, the most successful American comic book studio at the moment. They have lots of comic books along with famous cinema from around the world and a massive treasure of superheroes. Most recently, we have the movie Avenger: End Game, this is the film with the biggest revenue ever in the film industry.

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Marvel has also inspired many games and recently decided to team up with Kabam to launch the MARVEL Realm of Champions game. Right from the time, it was not released, the game has also attracted a lot of attention from players around the world. The game is a fascinating RPG genre so that players can get completely new experiences. Coming to the game, the player will be able to go to the world of extraordinary and interesting superheroes, players will experience a good story, an interesting playing style.

MARVEL Realm of Champions


The game’s plot revolves around the Secret Wars event, an extremely famous Marvel Universe event that players will not be able to ignore. Everything started on the planet Battleworld, a planet located at the Belt of Space and Time. Hulk rules this planet from Earth of universe 69413. Unlike the Bruce Banner of the Earth from the 616 universes that we know through movies. This is an inhumane villain, a dictator with an endless desire for power.

MARVEL Realm of Champions

Battleworld is the gathering place for many fragments of many other universes and is managed by Doctor Doom. Suddenly one-day, Maestro cherished a plot to overturn the yoke of Doctor Doom, but this did not succeed. After the unsuccessful overthrow, the planet Battleworld was severely destroyed, and Doctor Doom also left this place. At that time, the Maestro used the power of the Iso-Sphere – an artifact with the power to restore reality to restore Battleworld. He established himself as the King of this place, but suddenly Maestro died for a reason no one knew. So the Battleworld began a long civil war between the right factions on this planet.

MARVEL Realm of Champions


The gameplay of the game is made in a fascinating RPG style to give players the most realistic experience possible. Starting the game, the player will have to choose for themselves one of the eight strongest factions of the planet Battleworld. There will be a few factions such as Iron-Man’s House of Iron, Spider-Man’s Spider-Guild, Captain America’s Patriot Garrison, and X-Men’s Pyramid X … Each faction will have their unique powers, inspired by Earth’s superheroes from 616. Iron-Man’s House of Iron, for example, has the power of technology, Temple Of Vishanti, which has magical power and is governed by The Ancient One After choosing their side, the player only has one main task to complete. That is to help his side become the ruler of Battleworld. Players will take a lot of time to get used to how to control their characters.

MARVEL Realm of Champions


MARVEL Realm of Champions promises to bring players exciting experiences.

New Character System

Battleworld is a planet made up of different fragments of different planets, and it comes to a different universe than the universe 616. So so the entire character system in the game will be completely different from what we already know. For example, Doctor Strange and Black Panther are now women, while Spiderman is wearing unique armor ever.

Beautiful Graphics

The graphics of the game have been meticulously elaborated by the manufacturer to give players a great experience. The game has a very realistic 3D graphics format, the details in the world in the game even the smallest are created by the game’s creative team perfectly. This has shown the enthusiasm of the manufacturer for the game.

Effects & Sounds

The game’s creative team has nicely polished the game’s effects so they can work as smoothly as possible. The sound of the game has also been integrated with the sound of the battle screen extremely vivid.


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