Game Mayhem Arena

Game Mayhem Arena
Publisher COFA Games
Genre Strategy
Size 235M
Latest Version 1.4.0
MOD Info All Unlocked Heroes
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OS Android Games

Suppose you are bored by yourself and want to find a tag team game, then this game definitely for you. This game features extremely attractive PvP. It is an interactive fighting game between two people or many people participating in life. This gives you more realism and excitement when it comes to fighting AI. And Mayhem Arena | Mass Idle Auto Battler RPG is such a game. The game is a theatrical and engaging fighting game with a team. The game gives players the thrill of heartbreaking with intense fighting. Join our shooting team and take a break!


This is a game released by game developer COFA Games, but despite being a new developer, the products created by this publisher always give players great things. And the Mayhem Arena is one of the successful products of this developer. If you have ever played team shooting games like this, surely you also know the charm of this game genre. In this game, you will join your teammates on the extremely dangerous battle towers; many traps are waiting for you. Choosing to face and overcome or step back and disappear is all your own work. Enter the world with so many large-scale battles.


This battle is not only fought by you alone but with the participation of the ultimate heroic characters. In the game, Mayhem Arena gathers 15 unique heroes. Everyday things you will do are exciting, collecting unique daily heroes. For example, an angry high-energy old magician; made a cake to harm others. Or you will see a mathematician who is always caring and kind to everyone suddenly turns into a butcher’s murder in battle. Or maybe a veteran marksman who goes mad with his inventions … collect heroes in the store, and equip them with weapons to work together against your armies. Consider heroes as they fight the enemy, then upgrade the heroes’ equipment to continue fighting in the next matches of this massive battle arena. Strange things will happen in this shooting game. These make for a very different and distinct game, creating a strong impression on all players.


Mayhem Arena is a fiercely competitive shooter and combines the mysteries of the game’s mysterious world. Lead all players to this novelty after another. The intense and dramatic battles with real-time PVP in the game make players fidgety. The game has many features to help players win for themselves. The system of skills is diverse and plentiful, depending on the player’s choice. Instead of firing bullets that are too light of damage, there are skills like firing a missile in the game. How devastating the missile is, you can also know. Or the skill that shoots an electric ball, it will be shot far away to a certain location, and if anyone touches it, it will be destroyed by its tremendous power. These skills can be upgraded if you fight hard and get good results.

Besides, with this game, to be able to upgrade to another battle floor, you must collect enough purple orbs arranged during the battle. And it is indispensable to destroy many people. The more people you destroy, the faster you will upgrade to other floors. Also, in this game, you can set yourself up with different machines by pressing the glowing energy source in the moving steps. Then you will activate different power machines to support your combat.


I really regretted if you missed out on such a great game. Mass combat happens every hour, every minute. Choose heroes and combine the available skills of the game and fight additional factories to defend your tower. During the battle, collect cards to upgrade yourself to legendary levels and armor, speed, and damage calculation in the upper tier. Besides, seemingly harmless plant trees are a fatal blow to your opponent, so choose your strategy on the battlefield. Putting plants in the right place at the right time, and plants can evolve for you to use as medicine for healing and healing too.

The graphics and sound of Mayhem Arena are also really high quality with extremely smooth motion and extremely eye-catching visuals. Download this cool RPG fighting game day to your phone to have great entertainment moments!


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