Game Medal Heroes

Game Medal Heroes
Publisher Enfeel Inc
Genre RPG
Size 102M
Latest Version 3.2.3
MOD Info God Mode/One Hit
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Update July 17, 2020 (8 months ago)

Medal Heroes is a role-playing action game that tells the rise of summoners in a dark fantasy-style world. In this game, the player controls a squad of various heroes and fights against cruel monsters. The player’s squad will contain a maximum of 4 members; their roles and classes will be very diverse so that the team can fight with many different types of tactics. In fact, in this game, the tactic will refer to the player’s skill use at perfect times.

Return of the Summoners

The player’s formation will be arranged according to the player’s arrangement. They will automatically continuously attack all enemies that are swarming toward them. Note that this is not a turn-based game, so players need to be aware of bad situations.

Each character will own a unique set of skills, including passive and active, active skills that can be activated at any time and need to cool down for reuse. Using an ability will drain MP, you can use the hot bar to recover or wait for them to recharge over time (but it will be slower).

The squad arrangement is very important and needs to be done carefully. To determine the position for each member, players need to examine their stat and role in the battle. For example, characters who have the ability to fight in the front line or resist will always stand ahead. While magicians and supporters will stand behind them, an attack that is not wide-area type will never reach the rear unless the vanguard has fallen

Ultimate Skill is something every squad possesses. They are made up of 4 members, and players can activate anytime they want. To activate, the player needs to follow the instructions of the skill and perform similar operations such as drag, drop, and throw. After using this ultimate skill, it will take a long time to cool down, but it can deal with massive damage and destroy many enemies in a large area. The ultimate ability will not consume anything so players can relax without worrying about depleting the MP of each character.



Each character has its equipment, and players can not change them. What the player can change is their stat. Each character type will rank up if they absorb enough experience from some special items. Special items that promote characters can only be found in the chest if the player completes a campaign or quest.


If players want to test the overall strength of the squad, they can participate in PvP battles. The layout of the opponent will be similar to the player. The main difference is that the opponent will automatically use the skill while the player must activate them themselves. The reward for winning PvP will be a special medal that helps players purchase some rare items.


It is a place for players to train the strength of their squad and search for unique items. Not only that, but they also can collect some rare items that can enhance the power of the character or summon a new character.

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