Game Medal of King: Operation Rainbow

Game Medal of King: Operation Rainbow
Publisher Infungames
Genre Action
Size 800MB
Update October 26, 2018 (2 years ago)

In the heart of the game fans always have a place for shooting games. They’ve been fascinated with games such as CrossFire or most recently PUBG, but that’s not all that worth trying in this long-standing genre. Medal of King is a new name launched on mobile as a gift for players who always accompany this game genre. Now you can enjoy it anywhere, anytime you want with just the gentle and agile operation. InFunGame is still one of the most respected Chinese game makers ever. Take a look at their super product this time there is something special.

Best FPS game for Android/iOS

First, let’s look at some of the features of this Medal of King game. Perhaps this is one of the rare games that can switch between the first and third views to serve the needs of all gamers. The first look can optimise the sight to be able to strike a precise target that makes it easy to kill enemies easily and quickly. In contrast, the third angle allows us to grasp the whole situation as well as how fast the game is going. Both of them help players to play the game more efficiently and comprehensively.

In all shooting games, the weapon is a very decisive factor in the outcome of Medal of King. Although mostly weapons are guns, there are exciting upgrades such as grenades, timer bombs, missiles, shovels, etc. With all these items, You can customize your game to your liking wisely using a combination of them. Because they all have distinct functions, strengths and weaknesses. If you use it well, overcome weaknesses and promote strengths then you will easily go to victory.

New PvP and PK modes

And of course, when you’ve been practising a quick reflex with moving skills, read the top-level map, you no longer want to fight against the programmed programming. Players like to have a harder challenge like playing against other players around the world. Therefore the PK was born to satisfy the gunmen

Then to participate in the war that multiplayer online multiplayer function is indispensable. Many veteran players in the world join in the same choking battle. The weaker will have to stop playing early, but they sure learn something and increasingly improve their skills. Top players will get a high ranking in the rankings.


Medal of King APK is exceptionally elaborate with the staging techniques as the real gamer can not admire. So they have good experiences with the game, and it has received a lot of positive comments on the gamer community as well as on the download site prestige. Shooting effects, gunfire or ammunition are all well-researched from real life shooters. But not so that the game encountered a massive phenomenon or lag because it was optimized for designers to run on the mobile platform. The virtual keys to control very smooth, so that the gamer can manipulate as quickly as possible to bring their benefits.

Sum up

If you are a fan of this game, do not wait anymore. Quickly download the game and experience all the advantages that the game brings but also fight for your ideal. Do not let your teammates down.


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