Game Merge Fairies

Game Merge Fairies
Publisher Octopus Games LLC
Genre Puzzle
Size 66M
Latest Version 1.1.8
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update January 15, 2021 (2 months ago)

Merge Fairies is a game with a lovely style and suitable for any age. Not only that, but this game also has Idle ability, so it is favorited by players who often absent. This game has a very simple design, almost everything will be displayed in a single screen interface. It will include places like Fairies Platform, Skyway, and some other functions for players to build a city dedicated to the Fairies.

Merge Fairies (MOD, Free Shopping) *****

Discover the magical islands

The gameplay of this game is very simple. Almost everything is done with just a single finger. Players will start the game with a small amount of gold, which will be used to buy new Fairies and Merge them. To merge a new fairy require at least two other ones, after merging, it will create a superior fairy with better performance.

The Fairies Platform will be the place where players store the Fairies they have purchased. The number of platforms available will be limited based on the player’s level; in other words, the higher the level of the player, the more platforms to use. More platform means more Fairies, and more fairies mean more superior fairies. The player can use the current amount of gold to buy new Fairy. When the player buys a new Fairy, the price to buy the next fairy will be increased. That will make the merging progress become slower. If the player does not want to buy a new Fairy, they can wait for a while, and the game will randomly spawn a Fairy on the platform.

Merge Fairies (MOD, Free Shopping) *****

Magic flowers, shells, fairies, and mermaids

Every time a player merges a Fairy, they will receive an amount of exp corresponding to Fairy’s level; in other words, the more merge, the more experience points will be earned. And every time the player succeeds in leveling up, the level of the fairy that the player can buy on the platform will be increased.

Skyway is where Fairies work and earn gold for the player. The amount of gold they could earn will be based on their level. The player’s Skyway can only hold a few Fairies at a time. The limit will be increased based on the player’s level.

Merge Fairies (MOD, Free Shopping) *****

The player will drop their fairies on the left side, and those fairies will earning gold every time they reach the finish line located on the right side of the skyline. They will automatically run non-stop and will continuously bring profit to the player regularly.



The higher the level of fairies, the speed on the skyway will be increased as well as their earning. If the player accesses the store, then here they can upgrade for each Fairy. After the upgrade, their performance is higher and improves the speed of earning money per second.


Merge Fairies (MOD, Free Shopping) *****

Unlike upgrading fairies, this upgrade will enhance the value of things like Discount and Skyway. Upgrades for Discount will get a discount every time you buy a new fairy. And upgrading skyway will improve their income for fairies. In general, the above upgrades will not only give you a lot of advantages but also will shorten the money-making time of fairies to help you increase income per second.


Merge Fairies (MOD, Free Shopping) *****

While the player is enjoying this game, there will be some exclusive bonuses on the screen. These bonuses often bring large sums of money or improve the speed of fairies.


While the player is away, the fairies on Skyway will not stop working and continuously bring revenue to the player. When players return, they will collect all progress from fairies and use it to merge new fairy for skyway.


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