Game Merge Kingdom!
Publisher Gram Games Limited
Genre Logic
Size 76M
Latest Version 1.35.2
MOD Info currency/gold
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Update September 17, 2019 (1 year ago)

Merge Kingdom! – Loved children’s stories always start in a virtual world Build with the image of a happy kingdom. But for some disaster, the kingdom was threatened. Of course, the typical hero will appear and save everything. But the truth is not so, It is the common people are their own hero. If they can not save themselves, no one can.

Merge and develop your own kingdom

Tells the story of a fairytale kingdom. where people live happily together, the trees grow lush and thrive. But the scourge also came to them. The plague that makes the country sink into an endless black cannot escape. Everything was destroyed including the trees and the people here. The kingdom awaits the day when someone comes to save and restore what was once glorious civilization. You are the one who needs to hand out people to save themselves. You are also the one who gathers good combatants to find and bring back resources for the country. This kingdom is back to prosperity as old or not depends on your self.


The mechanics of the game are like a puzzler, adding so many other features that make it so much more attractive. Players can gather their own army and conquer other kingdoms for their own resources. The tactical element added in a clever and light way does not detract from the inherent nature of the game.

When entering the official match, players will be brought to a small tile map. Much of the map has been covered by fog and players are only able to operate in an extremely small range. Your task is to match three things together into one higher level. They will appear in that small box. If you find something that can expand your gameworld, that means saving the land is dying. Each battle will have a goal to reach individually if you accomplish that goal the battle will end.

In addition to basic testing, you can also participate in the fight between the heroes fighting the fire. There are many hero classes but basically, you are only allowed to bring in three character matches. Clans, levers, and mages work together in a turn-based battle. Any party who has been swept away before that loses. Therefore, in the process of playing the basic game, you have to find ways to exploit the heroic epic to bring into battle. Their special skills will help you to quickly win the game.

Infinity Currency (When you use will add more)

Unlimited gold.
Increasing battle tokens.
Increasing hero stones (Untested)