Game Metal Force
Publisher Extreme Developers
Genre Action
Size 45MB
Latest Version 3.47.2
MOD Info No Reload
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Update September 18, 2019 (1 year ago)

If you are a true gamer, all of us have fought Tank games once. These are large-sized machines with extreme destructive power, accompanied by top-notch battles and extremely suffocating. At this point, you will probably think that I am referring to the classic battle tank games whose basic gameplay is protecting the main base. I admit that that kind of strategy game has its own good, but what I would recommend to you is an action game with much more violent gameplay, literally in the slogan of driving and shooting skill. In this article, I will introduce to you the game with true colors, somewhat more modern, more dramatic, and also much more crazy – Metal Force. Now you will be immersed in the exciting experience with endless battles from the potential publisher – Extreme Developers.

World shooter games for stars

Metal Force brings in its high-speed action gameplay. Unlike standard RPG games, instead of having to play a character, this game allows you to control a tank. Absolutely no storyline, the game takes us into a free-to-play mode, only arid battlefields, and powerful guns. The bottom line is that the game is based on multiplayer mode, meaning there will be no battles with boring and a little bit silly NPCs. Instead, there are true and accurate wars between people, not slow and uncompromising. Basically, the game will have two modes; the first is the Death Match mode. In this mode, gamers will have to fight alone with all the other players in the room, no one will be on your side, or give advice on the enemy standing behind and pointing the gun towards.

Choose your battle mode!

This also means that the game will be extremely stressful, and not everyone can be confident enough to win this battle. The difference will be more significant if your opponent’s equipment and skills are higher than yours. And in the second mode is the group battle mode. From here, the battles will begin to more comfortable, simply because you will have teammates, help when you fall into a stance. Specifically, counting a fight will have five players for each team, destroying more opponents, the more points you will have on the match rankings. This also means that your team will have a higher winning rate. Not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to chat with many players from all over the world by means of messaging or Voice chat. It can be said that for many people, the gameplay of the game is quite simple, but this may be true if we do not consider the control system.

Simple, intuitive controls

This is probably what I find the most difficult in this game. Looking at the gameplay, you will probably see Metal Force has complex gameplay similar to the FPS games that are appearing on the market. The virtual keys will include movement buttons, shooting buttons, gestures to change the barrel of the gun. In addition to additional auxiliary functions such as binoculars, armor buttons, fire fighting, bullet type change button or rocket firing. According to many reviewers, these function keys are not really placed in an unreasonable position, but naturally it is challenging to master. To become a really skilled gamer in this game, you need to practice through many different levels. But to compensate for that shortcoming, the game still retains many other exciting features such as changing the skin to hide, reinforcing the armor or most importantly, changing the chariot to suit the gameplay or upgrade firepower. All in all, Metal Force is quite good and fidelity.


It can be said that the graphic background in Metal Force is located at a reasonably high-quality level. With 3D Unreal Engine graphics, the amount of detail and lighting effects did quite well its task when describing a widen war space. In addition, the physical results in the game are shown extraordinarily realistic and detailed to each terrain surface, clouds floating in the sky or to each smoke emitted by fire bullets. In addition, details such as the skin of tanks are designed very coolly in both aesthetics and richness, choosing a suitable skin. You can make yourself into the dark and become a terror to the bewildered sheep present on the battlefield. All of which gives players the thrill of a brutal scene of a real-life and death battlefield.

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