Game Meteorfall: Journeys

Game Meteorfall: Journeys
Publisher Slothwerks
Genre Board, Card
Size 64M
Latest Version 1.0 b5280
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Update September 29, 2020 (6 months ago)

Not many times have we asked ourselves why people create games? Yes, because games are a great way to relax and the game market is now more prosperous with titles that are story-based or inspired by animated films. ADVENTURE TIME energised movie fans now really experience it with a slightly new game – Meteorfall: Journeys debuted on January 24, 2018, by Slothwerks. The game is quite exciting players and achieved impressive installs

Card game special

Meteorfall: Journeys is a world in which players are chosen to learn from one of four explorers. Each character has different special abilities and will then face a deck including some original attack cards. During the adventure, you will be adding new cards to your deck. Of course, fierce battles also exist for monsters that you must kill. In action, you will collect energy cards to have the power to destroy the monsters. Each time you pick a card, you can swipe right to play cards, or swipe left to skip a turn. In between battles, you must try to overcome many different challenges.

Each time a map is released, a compass is attached to the character’s hand to determine the coordinates on the map. You will go to the blacksmith to upgrade the cards to help enhance your deck, and the mysterious characters will help you accumulate many rewards. You will have to come up with the right tactics against the enemies in the deck construction. This allows you to have some compelling and insightful experience. You will collect some gems that you can use to open new cards. The plus point is that each time you play – you will encounter different locations, enemies, and quests. That helps players feel new at every turn.

Sound graphics feature

You’ll be amazed atgraphics of Meteor: Journeys, it’s like watching an animated movie you like. Simulated graphics are elementary but highly attractive. The sound of the game is not only classic game theme but also lively, polished and suitable graphics create a unique game that you have to admire the experience.

Sum up

In the midst of the game market, violence is the subject of the violent action. Meteorfall: Journeys are emerging as a new flavour of the game, which has attracted gamers. After school and work stress, what we need most are the entertaining moments, choose Meteorfall: Journeys APK to enjoy the beautiful time offline! The game promises to have a significant impact on the current gaming market. Finally, wish you a happy day!

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