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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

MIA ONLINE – Famous war novel in the epic Lord of the Rings has become a source of endless ideas for manufacturers entertainment outlet. Many games with different operating modes are built on their own. MOBA, TCG, RTS, … There are many famous species such as Elves, Drawfs, Humans. This world is vast and varied, although it has been exploited for decades, but has not exhausted the topic. MIA ONLINE Mobile has just announced that it will open a pre-registration for gamers. Next to it is a series of trailers released to arouse the curiosity of players.

Producers also created more character classes with specialization in skills and controls. The battles between different species to scramble for power. And even clashes with legendary monsters are described in depth in the game.

MIA ONLINE Mobile gives players a magical world based on epic stories from the Lord of the Rings. But it was more creative not to bind to the old mold. Still a battle between humans, elves and dwarfs, the stories are hidden behind are gradually revealed through each mission.

Players entering the game will default to the side of the human. But not simply will you play the role of a certain character that will be divided into 6 different character classes. There is a trailer for introducing the character classes and how to use their skills. Rangers will be quick and sophisticated warriors in the use of the bow. Assassins use two small swords with quick movement and put themselves in danger in exchange for extremely fast damage to the target. Paladin and Berserker are two different classes of characters, but they all use ranged weapons like Swords and Axes. The only difference is that the Paladin gains a lot of defense, while Berserker focuses on continuous attacks. Mystic is strong with magical attacks that are used from a distance, while Melodists are more inclined to support their comrades, although they still have the ability to deal damage.

With a heavy fighting game like MIA ONLINE Mobile, we will be participating in PvP Arena 3v3 Arena 10v10. The greater the number of players involved, the more complex the battle becomes. Kingdom War gives players a battle where you will defend the honor and benefits that your kingdom possesses. When bored with battles with many, the system battles monsters like dragons, Griffin, Orc, … will be your place of entertainment. These battles are not easy but need the coordination of many players together. Or invite more friends.


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