Game Mike V: Skateboard Party
Publisher Maple Media LLC.
Genre Simulation
Size 150M
Latest Version 1.5.0.RC-GP-Free(66)
MOD Info Unlocked/EXP
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Update October 1, 2020 (5 months ago)

Skateboarding is a street sport that is appreciated by many players for the fun it offers. Skateboarding seems to have become a street culture and is chosen by many young people to play. Every sport has its legends, if football there is Messi, or if it is Ronaldo, then skateboarding will have Mike Vallely. Mike Vallely is a legend of the sport and is admired by many people for what he did. In honor of his contributions to the sport, a game was released, the title Mike V: Skateboard Party. This game is currently attracting a lot of players to experience the game.

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Realistic graphics configuration in every detail

One of the factors that have an essential contribution to the success of this game is the graphics. It is perfected to bring the best experience for players. The graphics quality of the game is reflected through the smallest details, such as railings, ramps, and more. The game has applied the latest tool, a 3-dimensional graphic design tool, to make the game much more realistic. But the highlight of the game is not those things, which have made this game so appreciated, which is the main character of the game Mike Vallely.

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This character is the one who brought success to the game, so it was carefully designed so that the player can feel it. Depending on the stage of his life, his appearance is also different from bringing the most truthfulness. Everything, from faces to hairstyles to clothes, is modeled after what happens, in reality, to get the truth to life.

Becoming Mike Vallely

As mentioned before, when you come to the game, players will be able to play the role of Mike Vallely to be able to experience the game. Experience is not only a game but also a player to share Mike Vallely’s life journey, his way to becoming a monument. During this journey, players will experience Mike Vallely’s life through the process of trying, and this will be divided into many different stages for players to experience. Mike Vallely’s life mode is Career Mode, all sorted in chronological order for players to explore. The game had up to 40 different stages for players to learn about the exciting life of Mike Vallely. But this journey will not be easy when the player has to go through many things to complete the game. Later, the player has to fulfill more requests, and if he can’t, the player loses. Each stage will require the player to perform different techniques to accomplish it.

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Practice to become better

The game will become more complicated, and if the player does not adapt, it will be impossible to complete the game. So how to become better? The key to becoming better is relentless training. So to support the player, the game has provided players with a Practice mode for players to use and improve themselves. When it comes to this mode, the player is not limited by anything and is free to practice. Once you have mastered everything, the player can continue the game to complete the stage, making it difficult.

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Participate in battles with other players

Once you get better and master the game’s techniques, players can engage in battles with other players to seek a challenge. When playing against another player, things will become a lot more complicated than against bots. They are also human and can use techniques that users can do so that things will be complicated. Players need to find their loopholes and do better than them to win. Conversely, players also need to master themselves and not make mistakes to tell the enemy can not do anything.

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Customize the skateboard

One of the essential things of the game is the skateboards; this is the player’s only tool to experience. The game will provide players with many different skateboards for players to choose from and start the game. Besides, the player can customize many things on the board to become more beautiful and bring the player’s style.