Game Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline

Game Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline
Publisher Xiaomi game
Genre Action
Size 1GB
Latest Version
Update August 29, 2018 (3 years ago)

People are always hungry to fight in any age. Instinct tells them to defeat any opponent so that they can become the most energetic individual. The battles in history from ancient to modern times always bear the mark of brave and strong people. They compete for territory and wealth and want to become more prosperous than their neighbors. The more modern, the fiercest battle of human beings with weapons capable of killing a lot of lives.

Shooting game with the best graphics

But in this age of war is not often occurred only limited to the countries that are in the plan of dispute of the big countries. So many passionate fighters still cannot satisfy the desire to take up arms and destroy all opponents they encounter. The only solution is to find games that offer them a large battlefield with all the latest weapons so they can kill. Millet Shootout: Battlefield Frontline has been a viral PC game, playing alongside CrossFire as FPS forces that still exist today. However, the trend of the market has changed. Their playground is now a mobile game. The big game makers have bought content from their creators and invested to revive the legendary shooter.

Studio Xiaomi Games is another Chinese publisher, acquiring the image rights of Millet Shootout for production. The game has been rolling out for a while, and the number of players has continuously increased. The new modes continue to be updated to be able to enrich the game repository. Players are even satisfied because they have launched the Battle Royale mode to be able to attract players from this hit game.

Battlefield 4 mobile version?

At first, the Battle Royale mode made the game seem like a fake product of PUBG, but later the manufacturer made a wise decision. Battlefield is the mode that they choose to do the main mode and it seems to make the game not fall into the quagmire of recent FPS mobile games. But the character control system is still designed as a Battle game today. The player can move the character using the joystick on the left and attack with the right attack button. There are also virtual buttons like jump, kneel, crawl. When navigating vehicles such as tanks, the helicopter will display various types of dashboard depending on its use and function. The looting mechanism is still in place, making a battlefield game much more novel.


The game is sure to ensure the beautiful graphics of this game to compete with other brands. Equipment, weapons, transportation are all taken from real things on the battlefield to design. Players will have to learn how to use them wisely. You have to learn how to become a warrior and become a driver, a pilot …The bloody battlefields with rugged hills and vast expanses of forest are also designed to be smoother. When the battle will be less error and irritating image for players. Thanks to those investments, gamers around the world are continuing to play this game in the future. English language updates will be preferred after the Chinese language.


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