Game Millet Shootout Battlegrounds
Publisher Xiaomi
Genre Action
Size 1GB
Latest Version Beta
Update August 29, 2018 (3 years ago)

Millet Shootout is a quite famous FPS game from China and is also known as the first very familiar first-person shooter, as well as the same CF Mobile gameplay mode. Recently the developer has been announced that this game will bring a new Battle Royale mode to the game, but it will certainly be familiar to many of the players, so for this game, the attractive level of it can’t debatable.

What is Millet Shootout: Battle Royale? It’s a third-party shooter being developed and will be available on Android and iOS. Players must fight to find weapons and supplies on a large island about 8×8 km to become the only survivor. And that’s called a BATTLE ROYALE mode. And if anyone who has played PUBG and follows the online site will know it, because this is a game with a mode that may be too famous and now It’s got millions of players around the world.

About the game Millet Shootout Battlegrounds APK, the game’s upcoming game mode will completely change the system of the game because it will be able to add new genres as well as update a large system directly into the game. With Battle Royale, it is a place where you can fight with a “one of a kind” survival mode, up to 20 players will fight against each other and resemble the Bullet Strike. This is a game where characters, graphics, and related functions have been developed much more modern. With extremely large maps, players will be parachuted into a wasteland, then you need to find where weapons for use as well as find other support items such as clothing, hats, healing items, grenades, guns … and then you can hide or aggressively into the battlefield to find opponents. But because there is a survival game, so who survived to the end will win.

Unreal Engine 4 was used, the graphics game in it has become closer and easier to see than the real life. A mobile game on the phone like Millet Shootout: Battle Royale APK is a great step in progress, especially in this unique game mode. It helps the player to see things further and for the game, the experience is also better.

The biggest highlight of the game is that it not only recreates the gameplay of Battlegrounds but also accurately simulates every detail of PUBG game, which makes millions of gamers love and curious are waiting for the new game is officially released.

About the map in this MSBR game, it shows all the familiar terrain, with more bridges, hills or big factories and towns, which players will put themselves deeper into the battle. In addition, items such as armour or hats, and skins are also sorted out in categories of 1,2,3 … these will be able to pick up from the houses, random locations or shoot down opponents, get from Airdrops …