Game Minecraft Earth

Game Minecraft Earth
Publisher Mojang
Genre Adventure
Size 58M
Latest Version 0.33.0
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Update January 7, 2021 (2 months ago)

Minecraft Earth will allow players to create a vast virtual world right in your real world. With advanced AR technology, you will be impressed with what this game offers.

Minecraft is undoubtedly the most mentioned name in about a year before it gives the gaming community an utterly different entertainment place than the prevailing names at the time. If you want to play a particular game, there will be achievements to complete, quest, and many other daily missions. Everything must be fully designed and oriented so that players understand overview gameplay. But Minecraft does not follow that path; it allows players to do whatever they want. It is this that makes everything that the player wants to enjoy becomes much more new. When you enter the game, no one instructs you what to do in this world. Players will have to walk on their own feet, looking for ways in which they can survive, and eventually, new challenges slowly appear to begin to influence gameplay. To summarize, the ultimate goal you must achieve is to be alive.


What makes this game so special is that it will let you enjoy something called “life.” Right!!! You will survive in this free world. It is an open world, a fantasy world, so you can do whatever you want without having to worry about any social restrictions or anything. This game is becoming more and more viral, and many people participate and find joy, the more things are expanded. Mojang is very sophisticated in recognizing the next need that players need to experience. Previously, their players could do anything in the game, simulating the life they wanted. But things start to get too exciting; you are beginning to sink in your own virtual world and wish that everything you see in the game becomes true. The answer to the main problem is AR technology. This technology used in Minecraft is a perfect combination. A world simulation game that meets the real world. Everything that Minecraft Earth brings will be beyond the imagination of players.

Minecraft Earth

Mojang collaborated with Microsoft to make this high-end version of the game. They have prepared it on two iOS and Android smartphone operating systems. Currently, the game is still in the process of completion so you can only register in advance on prestigious game download sites. But it will soon be released worldwide this summer. If you’re still interested in games, don’t be afraid to follow this article of mine. If the game launches, there will be a notice to you immediately. DLC on our site will be completely free, so please be assured.

Minecraft Earth

Create anything…

Basically, everything in Minecraft that you have gone through has been adapted into this game perfectly and received a lot of modifications so that it becomes much more attractive. Because this is a product made by Mojang himself, they have the right to do whatever they want with this game. The content, storyline, and graphics are all modified to get their own depth, but they don’t lose their essence. The game’s graphics are the same with 8-bit blocks arranged together to become icons that replicate this world. But thanks to the new AR technology, everything is designed in much more detail. Previously, everything was done with a pixel density that was not very good so that the image would be blurry, and the viewing angle would be limited.

Minecraft Earth

Move everywhere!

But AR makes everything clearer, and you are the one who adjusts the perspective of the character. So everything is shown in the best possible way. Besides, through the camera’s lens, all the images, the camera obtains blend with the image on the screen. It will be more real than ever. Your home will become a castle where you and your brothers will build together; the farms will be full of block-themed cows, chickens, horses, … even small street corners will carry color adventure is much more. The sound system is also done correctly when you enjoy the effects that come with the action you take on the phone screen. Moreover, an AR game means you will have to go out and interact with the world. Isn’t the sound of the world enough for you to enjoy?

Minecraft Earth

Its gameplay is quite easy, nothing new compared to what you can do with the original version. This will make it possible for players to quickly get used to the game without taking too much time to learn. Everything will be shown and mixed through the game’s AR display. The neighborhood that you often go through, the familiar dog or the supermarket at the end of the residential area is now much more different. You will have to live in your own world and become worth learning more than before. Do you dare to embark on these adventures? HAVE.


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