Game Minecraft: Story Mode

Game Minecraft: Story Mode
Publisher Telltale Games
Genre Action, Adventure
Size 720MB
Latest Version 1.37
MOD Info Unlocked All
Get it On Google Play
OS Games Android

Minecraft: Story Mode – Countervailing games always occupy a very position Important in the hearts of fans around the world. Because it brings really entertaining moments and makes players temporarily forget all the tiredness in life to mix in the fast-paced rhythm of the game. They will have to learn how to fight; manipulation is exceptionally agile and not distracting. Your attacking moves must be accurate on enemy weaknesses as well as you must learn to defend. The ability to observe and the judge will also be significantly increased thanks to these antagonistic battles.

Embark on a perilous adventure across the Overworld

If told on the Android platform, Shadow Fight deserves to be honored as one of the pioneers. What Nekki created in this brand, no one can imitate it. “Shadow” graphic style with a combination of analog stick and symbolic attack keys is its specialty. If you notice, there are few mobile games that incorporate complex, free and complex variations of skills. Most people just follow the skills prepared and the player who just touches it can do it. In this game, you will get skills to unlock gradually and have a guide to coordinate the operation. Watch out for practice.

Because of that position, Nekki is also wise and continually updates their game to retain longtime players and attract new players. Shadow Fight had been operating independently for a long time before it had two younger siblings operating a few years later. Shadow Fight 2 and 3 are shared by players equally, but perhaps the second version is closer to the first version, part 3 has significant improvements in graphics and style, so it’s almost like went to a more progressive type. If you are still nostalgic about part 1, you can play part 2 to have experience that suits your tastes and still retain all the original characteristics.


Everything is the same as the first part but is updated with a variety of character systems. However, there will be some modifications to the story so that it does not depend too much on the old storyline of Part 1. But in general, things still have irreversible connections. Our hero will always be a black shadow and start fighting through many levels to reach the final place and regain his colors, no longer black. Titan is still the ruler behind all the challenges you have to overcome. The player uses all his strength to reach the Gates of Shadows. There all the wars record you memorable battles and brave heroes.

This time I will introduce you to part 2 of the game but with the Special Edition version. In this game version, there will be no ads. The advantage is quite large when you use your money to remove what makes people hate the most. Besides, you can play unlimited games because it eliminates energy restoring that has become a trademark of this series. You can jump into any battle at any time you want. Besides, players are also thoroughly enjoying not being fragmented into many mysterious parts. Even the secret story behind Sensei’s past was exposed in an entirely new chapter. There are also other special functions that only this version will be added.

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