Game Mist Gears
Publisher Alim
Genre RPG
Size 79MB
Latest Version 1.0.12
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Update September 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

Our world is the sum of many elements, if one of them is unbalanced, destroys the world. People are still afraid of what they themselves are not clear, so they often imagine what is most horrible for their future. Therefore, the stories of the end of the world are burned throughout their development history. To this day, the stories of the day of the earth’s destruction are blooming in modern civilization. But it does not give people panic and fear, but it provides them constant pleasure. The stories are told on entertainment media such as comics, movies, and games.

There is a story to tell that, at a fictional moment in human history, a calamity gently strangles their fate. MIST is the name that people give it, as it slowly spreads across the world and brings unbelievable catastrophes. The thick mist engulfs the world in chaos; the monsters begin to overflow from vague places and attack everything. “Day of Purgatory” comes and makes human civilization stand on the brink of extinction. But there was no way to overcome this problem until 70 years later. Valks Kingdom has studied the power of MIST and created a weapon called the MIST GEAR that allows the human ability to excel enough to resist the disaster. You are the hero of the world and rebuild the brilliant civilization of the day before.

Mist Gear is a hybrid universe of three products that make up a large project for entertainment on all three comic, novel and game modes. As for the game, it will be an RPG with comics and story-based novels. Its gameplay also blends the mechanics of the current favorite games.

Co-op mode is always a way of fighting an RPG because it allows multiple players to coordinate their individual skills and compete in a team tactic. That makes a role-playing game more tactical.

The author of the Brave Frontier game has teamed up with two other studios to produce the new project. Mist gear promises to be comprehensive in many aspects by the cooperation of professionals in their field. Currently, the game has been opened Beta test, and you can register to play immediately. But iOS users have to wait a while before playing this game. Because closed beta is only available for Android. Sign in and play now to get quick bonus rewards for players.