Publisher Trickster Arts
Genre RPG
Size 72MB
Latest Version 1.037
MOD Info God Mode
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Update September 16, 2020 (6 months ago)

With the appearance of various genres of fantasy role-playing games on the app store, but you can not find the game that you enjoy. So through this game will show you an unprecedented new experience compared to other games. MONOLISK is the worthies choose that you can take on this genre right now. Coming from the publisher of the game Trickster Arts, although it is still not well-known, this manufacturer who made a strong impression on players when they saw their potential through previous games such as Hackers, Hero of many. Monolisk is the latest title of this developer that released in recent. Although the beta version just recently, but received a lot of attention, positive feedback from critics as well as the gaming community. With every new gameplay when combining immersive action genre with cardgame style along with attractive, eye-catching graphic design style, this game has become a big step for the publisher – Trickster Arts. Now the game has a beta version on Android and iOS 2 operating systems. So what are you waiting for, download immediately Monolisk to have a new look on this kind of role-playing action?


Right from the beginning of the game, Monolisk will give players a choice for their character in one of five heroic occupations: Warrior, Hunter, Sword Master, Magician, Mechanic. There is also a different kind of heroic career that can help players customize their characters temporarily called neutral jobs. Each career that the player chooses will have a variety of fighting styles, abilities, stats, as well as weapons and equipment, from which players can create a play style according to their preferences and personal style. Weapons, equipment, and skillsets are all presented in the form of cards to help players interact more easily while playing. What makes “Monolisk” different from other role-playing action games is that players can build and design their own dungeons based on the career they choose to challenge other players and vice versa. Here, the environment constructs of dungeons and monsters in the dungeons are also displayed as cards.

Thanks to this game mode, many players can interact with each other to help players themselves can improve the shortcomings for their characters or dungeons, thereby improving and upgrading to better. To obtain these cards, players need to buy card packs. Each player can only receive a maximum of 5 random cards. In the game, there will be many dungeons with many different types of monsters that will help players can explore, plow up, or earn extra coins. When you finish the level, you will be given three stars depending on how long you finish the screen.


Discover the broken world

The world in the game is created as a fantasy world in which the player must transform into a hero to destroy monsters or dark forces. Haunted appear in the dungeons to protect his world. While exploring dungeons, players can also earn more items and discover many other mysteries hidden in this world.

Collect Cards

Collecting cards will help strengthen your character becomes stronger when equipped with good items and a powerful skill set. Try to create many cards and expand your collection.
– Create your own playstyle: With five different types of heroic professions, you will help players build a hero type that you want.
– Build a unique dungeon for yourself: Show off your creative ability when experienced to become the last boss of the game to create a unique reading dungeon to challenge other players and vice versa.


The game’s graphics have been taken care of by the game publisher and invested a lot to create a mysterious and fascinating fantasy world that will make players have more curiosity to drop out. Mystery maintains in every dungeon. The main color of the game is often a bit dark to increase the drama. Character design in the game is extremely creative and varied depending on the items they equip with a sense of prestige and patience, strong, brave.


Thanks to the skill effects in each skill set, it has shown the variety of game design styles of game developer Trickstes Arts. Each set of skills in the game to be carefully polished to be able to satisfy the player in the tight guillotine with monsters in the dungeon. The sound of the game is also a bright spot when its rhythm is suitable for all situations in the game to help players regain curiosity as well as excitement in each dungeon break. From the details that I have mentioned above, how do you feel about this “Monolisk” game? If you want to learn more, download it right on your phone to get experience and reviews about this game.


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