Game Murderous Pursuits

Game Murderous Pursuits
Publisher NetEase
Genre Action
Size 520M
Latest Version 1.0 b33
Update October 10, 2020 (5 months ago)

If you’ve ever experienced the game Assassin’s Creed and have been attracted not only by the gameplay but also the sneaky anxiety that it brings. But the Assassin’s Creed series has very complex gameplay with a lot of things to do that confuse many players when they first come to the game. But now with the release of Murderous Pursuits, this is a game that the manufacturer has successfully applied the elements of Assassin’s Creed into it. There is similar gameplay but made in a more straightforward and much easier way to understand.

Murderous Pursuits

The game was produced and released for players by Blazing Griffin Games; this is a well-known game-made company for players with many famous games on the PC platform. Typically, the games Murder Mystery Machine, The Ship: Remasted,… The game was introduced to a large community of players in 2018 and has received many compliments from the majority of players. This will be a game in the form of stealth action, suitable for players who like the thrill and meticulousness of assassination. So why don’t you download Murderous Pursuits to have a great experience right away?

Murderous Pursuits


Murderous Pursuits takes players to a ship called HMCS Britannic in a Victorian-style. Here is where your time travel journey to the 18th-century starts. You are one of the assassins invited by a mysterious character to the trip. But the real purpose of the invitation is to find the best person to become the assistant for this mysterious character, and you will have to prove your bravery by taking down the remaining 7 participants. When you are hunting for the target given by the strange man, you are also the target of others participating in this journey. You will have to be very careful to avoid the sight of others not to be hunted. When you kill your target, find a private place, avoid other witnesses because if you don’t, they will know the secret that you are an assassin. An assassin will no longer be called a killer if being detected. That’s why you should not be careless in any situation because maybe the person next to you is also hunting for you.

Murderous Pursuits


The game has straightforward gameplay that is to become a hunter or to be prey for the hunter. If you have identified your target, take the chance carefully to kill the prey. The opportunity will not come the second time. If you fail to kill the prey, you have lost. If you succeed, a new goal will be set for you, until all the remaining seven people have been murdered, you are the winner. Your goal may also be the goal of other players, be quick to identify and finish your prey. Don’t let your prey die in the hands of others. It is a shame to the honour of an assassin. Your greatest danger is not that the opponent hiding in the crowd is going to finish you, but the biggest enemy is time. Every match is limited in time. Once the time is up and you still cannot finish your goal, you lose. This has brought the feeling of nervous suspense every minute for the player. Are you ready to kill or be killed?

Murderous Pursuits


The game has a lot of unique and exciting features, inherited from the existing to create the new ones

Choose Hunter

In the game, there are up to 8 different hunters, from the princess of England to the normal guy, even Japanese girl in traditional Kimono. The system is extremely diverse, so players can easily customise the face of the character to avoid the pursuit of others.


The game will provide players with six different skills, from counterattack when assassinated, increase accumulated points when successfully knocked down opponent, detect prey among the crowd, or unleash stun blind bombs,… In each match, players will be selected two skills to become a support tool for assassinating the target. This has contributed to bring up the tactics of the game, required you to make the best choices for different murder opportunities.

Murderous Pursuits


Murderous Pursuits has a 3D graphics format that is true and vivid, with a bit of historical style. The main scene in the game is in the ship named HMCS Britannic floating on the sea. This will be the place where you hunt down your targets and assassinate them. The effects of the game are also carefully polished, such as explosion effects, stunning effects … all are entirely developed to enhance the authenticity and experience that the game brings. The sounds are also vivacious and real, from the screams of the prey killed to the words of the character. All are fitted with each character’s actions smoothly.

Do you want to try to be an assassin or not? Download Murderous Pursuits now to get the most authentic experience of becoming a murderer in the journey to hunt down and finish the target.


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