Game My City: Cops and Robbers

Game My City: Cops and Robbers
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Genre Casual
Size 53M
Latest Version 1.0.4
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OS Android Games

The kids I know have a passion for the world of My City. They passionately tell about the adventures this game brings. Its latest expansion My City: Cops and Robbers is sure to get the kids excited. This is the latest part of the series that gives players the experience of the police officers’ work in the theft process. It’s a game made for entertaining kids, so it’s not too heavy on the issue of violent action. Not only that, but it is also a knowledge game.

Clearly cast, the kids will be heroes

My City: Cops and Robbers, tells about the relationship between police and robbers. Players participating in this game will be playing the role of integrity policemen working for the government. Your main job is to protect the city from constant dangers. This is the ultimate police game for kids, where they can foster their passion to become useful citizens of society. Players can also participate in permanent police activities, such as patrolling, professional training, dog training, helping the elderly, … In general, it will bring one the most visual, fun. Even if you catch the robbers you can take them to court to plead guilty.

In addition, the player can play many different roles. When you play the role of a police officer, you will have to protect your people and take action to enforce righteousness. If you are bored with this role then you can also play the role of a thief and break into precious jewelry stores. Try to steal and not get caught by the police. Otherwise, you will be subject to the punishment of the law. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you want to be the judge. Just have the cases for you to solve. This is your own world so you can create laws.

Many new characters that you can use in My City Universe

Specifically, in the game, there will be five completely new characters when you can bring them to other games. My City: Cops and Robbers is an extension of the My City Universe ecosystem. This is a world designed specifically for children with many games coming together. Thanks to the linking of the characters, the series of games become interesting and always well received by players. It is suitable for children under 12 years old, sometimes suitable for adults too. Because this is a family game that parents can play with their children to educate their children. Your achievements in this game can also be honored elsewhere. For example, if you are a kind cop and have won many trophies, you can get a discount when buying Donuts in another game. In general here are some interesting interactions that you should be aware of.

Many of the locations related to the game’s theme

This is just like a regular educational book for elementary school kids. With My City: Cops and Robbers, we will follow the theme of the legal agency. That is why you can explore interesting places. Police Station will be your main workplace, where many different police activities take place. Children will learn to get to work on time, act quickly when ordered and take responsibility for their actions. The Courthouse is the place where the final judgment takes place for the thief. You can also visit the prison to see how the criminals are locked up here. Players can also visit places like jewelry shops. Protective equipment in places like this will help you to control the security situation of the neighborhood more easily.

Go through tough challenges to become an elite policeman

When choosing to be a cop, you must always face thieves. They will try to find ways to hide stolen property in secret places. You must solve puzzles by solving puzzles to find the hidden radishes. Another very effective way to track traces is by training sniffing dogs. The hit knows how to sniff out and track down the thief. In addition, in times of boredom, the player can connect with other players via the internet. The game supports multi-touch, so if the kids play games at home together, they can still share one screen with each other. Even though everyone has their own devices, it’s much more fun to play together.


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