Game My City – Entertainment Tycoon

Game My City – Entertainment Tycoon
Genre Simulation
Size 101M
Latest Version 1.2.2
MOD Info Unlimited Currency
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Update February 6, 2021 (1 month ago)

Construction of management simulation games are games with extreme entertainment and easily attract players thanks to simple and friendly gameplay. A genre that easily shows these elements is Tycoon, a simulation for the player to manage a certain field. Moreover, the Tycoon system will also continuously operate, making all functions continuously work and generate revenue for players even offline or away. And, if you are a city management enthusiast of the Tycoon genre, My City – Entertainment Tycoon will be the right game for you. It’s a modern city management simulation game, with friendly and highly entertaining gameplay, suitable for relaxing anytime, anywhere thanks to its Tycoon system.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)


The tycoon genre has always been rated as one of the highly relaxing genres, as it gives players a lot of freedom to design, build, and customize in any certain expertise. The same goes for My City, where players will build their city, provide all the services, and ensure the lives of the people are always stable. Not only that, but they also have to build, trade, craft, and do business to develop the city, even expand the scale to build new things. Most interestingly, the Tycoon system also has a variety of upgrade systems, allowing players to improve the performance of services or industries in the city. Everything in this game is creative and engaging, giving players a wealth of options to design or manage the city the way they want. The game also has an online function, and players can invite friends or visit other cities.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)


When coming to this game, players will immediately receive the position as mayor, with the mission of making the city one of the most impressive places in the world. However, everything takes time to complete, and players will be given detailed instructions on how to manage, supply, and even design the city in an orderly manner. If the player wants the city to be operational, then they need to have a variety of functional architectures that can generate revenue, energy, water, and many other things that citizens need. Furthermore, a city should have roads for people to move around freely. Of course, the game will offer players a myriad of architectural options that will make their city more vivid and richer in many ways. Some buildings will also have an upgrade function, allowing players to improve their performance to new heights.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)


While as mayor, a player must receive a lot of sympathy from the people, and to do that, the player needs to provide them with a multitude of services or meet their needs. Yes, through people’s needs, the player will have many ways to design the city, such as classifying industrial zone with a residential area, a shopping mall with a business district, etc. Furthermore, there are a few buildings that have the function of crafting essential items, and players will have to pay to start crafting. During construction, some buildings will require sufficient materials to progress, and the player can obtain additional materials by completing the game’s quest.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)


My City will not stand out if it cannot help players easily build a beautiful city with their style. Thus, the game will have a versatile construction interface, allowing players to freely move buildings, construct roads, and even build buildings. Of course, the interface will categorize all buildings, and players can build places to relax people, like parks, resorts, etc. The construction interface will also help the user build correctly in order, as it is composed of countless squares, even showing areas that cannot be built.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)


While relaxing with the game, players will easily find challenges or quests that come from the game. Players can see it as the main source of income, where there are countless valuable rewards and help players be more creative in designing the city. It also gives players many experience points to level up and helps players expand the city or unlock new structures to make the city come alive. Some levels also reward players with landmarks, with a high level of income, and even the most prominent in the vast city.

My City (MOD, Unlimited Currency)

The tycoon genre always gives players a wealth of experiences and emotions in each area, and “My City” will satisfy players in city management. If you have a dream to become a mayor or want to experience that job, download the game right away, and design a city with your style.


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