Game My City: Grandparents Home

Game My City: Grandparents Home
Publisher My Town Games Ltd
Genre Adventure
Size 65M
Latest Version 1.1.3
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Update December 24, 2020 (3 months ago)

Children are one of the most popular players, so many games are made for kids. Why do children like to play games? Because they are the age of having fun and continually searching for more things, and the game is what attracts them. But where is a game for kids so they can play and learn a lot? The answer is not as difficult as what you think; it simply comes to the My City series produced by My Town Games.

This series is the perfect series for parents to let their children play and learn a lot. Most recently, My Town Games Ltd has welcomed a new member to the My City family to serve players. That game is My City: Grandparents Home – a fun and exciting game for players to experience. The games of this series bring players a unique color for players to feel it. So what will this be waiting for the player this time? Come to the game to find out what’s waiting for players.

My City: Grandparents Home

When a child grows up, they need to leave the house that their parents raised to start an independent life. Everyone must be, no one can live with their parents until the end of their life; you have to go out to have a life of your own. When you grow up, you have your career, become a successful person, and have a family of your own to return. But everyone has to remember where they started, so you need to go back to visit those who have raised you, that’s your parents. The story of the game is about the journey of grandchildren returning to visit their grandparents. The best time to start this journey is summer when the whole world has a summer vacation to avoid the heat of it. This is the best time for you to return and have a holiday in the house of grandparents. But in this game, it is not only a regular vacation but also an exciting adventure that the game brings for players to feel.

My City: Grandparents Home

Explore the house

The house of grandpa and grandma is huge, with many different rooms for players to explore. Each room has its functions, such as a living room for the whole family to have fun together, a kitchen for cooking, and many other things. The layout of this house is exceptional, with a lot of equipment that players could not expect. For example, in another room, there is a closet, and in it is a blender for you to use.

There are many exciting things that players can not know all, all hidden by the creative team for players to explore. On the outside of the house, there is a vast swimming pool with a slide so children can have fun. There is also a place to bake food when you want to have an outdoor party. There are many exciting things about the house and the whole city for players to explore. And if the player wants to know the entire thing, then it will take a lot of time to do that.

My City: Grandparents Home

Underground basement

The house in which the grandparents live has a lot of secret rooms hidden for players to search for. Among them, the most exciting place that players can find it in the underground area. This place has many ancient secrets about relics from ancient times, such as dinosaur fossils, carvings carved in stone. But if you want to get here, you need to find a way to get to this place. I can suggest to you that it is underground and outside the house, try to find it.

My City: Grandparents Home

Cook dishes

When the whole family is reunited, a meal of the entire family is indispensable to connect. Players go to the house’s kitchen to help the family prepare family meals. In the kitchen, there are many tools and ingredients for players to cook dishes. Players can let their creativity be free to operate and create new dishes of their own. But to make a dish, the player needs to go through a lot of different stages to be able to complete it.

For example, if you want to cook a cake, you need to put the dough into the pot and add the necessary spices to make a cake. Next, the player needs to decorate to make the cake look beautiful and attract others. But to make the game suitable for children, the game has added a lot of instructions for you to follow.


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