Game My Ghost Girlfriend

Game My Ghost Girlfriend
Publisher Genius Studio Japan Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 39M
Latest Version 2.0.16
MOD Info Free Premium Choices
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Update March 6, 2021 (1 week ago)

My Ghost Girlfriend is a simulation game from the producer Genius Studio Japan. The game is inspired by one of the unique and popular features of Japanese culture, which is the anime titles. From there, the characters are shaped with the characteristics of this genre, to bring users to an exciting world of games.



My Ghost Girlfriend – Just by listening to the title, you are already curious, right? The game takes place in a completely new city, where you have just come to study. It seems like you are very lucky because it is not too difficult to find a nice place to stay in a strange city in a short time. Then you start to realize something unusual from the room you are in. You are not the only one in this room, but there’s someone else’s figure too. You find out that there are three ghost girls with you, a little scared, but then know that all three are gradually trapped in this world, and they need your help. It is not easy to turn down the pleas of these three gorgeous and cute girls. You help them to find a way to free them from this world, but then you realize that you are not simply falling in love with these beautiful girls and you want more. A contextual story is exciting and interesting, isn’t it? You will then enter an exciting love affair between people and ghosts.


The characters

The game has three main characters that are three ghost girls living with you, each with a unique trait that expresses his or her personality.

Tahlia: The first girl was Tahlia, who was killed by a man. She brought hatred and longed for revenge. It was this that prevented her soul from transcending and still lingering in mortality. She is keen on the outside, but weak on the inside and wants to be protected.


Laura: An extremely sensitive girl and always full of emotions inside. Because she was still mortally lingering by her family’s inferiority complex because of her own death, she could not go. She is the most approachable person and would be grateful if you could help her aspirations.

Natasha: A tough girl who was the student council president when she was alive. She is also the person who has the courage to become the leader of the other two girls. Even so, Natasha is still an extremely emotional girl, still lingering on the world because of a friend once helped her a lot when she lived but had no chance to repay.


You will be the boyfriend of one of these three ghost girls and choose for yourself how to solve immediate problems. Romantic scenes will gradually reveal with your kisses and your love words with this ghost girlfriend.

The game is exciting in the specific context of the side story. You will have an extraordinary love affair with those who are no longer alive. It might sound scary, but worth a try. What are you waiting for without finding out about these three girls? Download and experience “My Ghost Girlfriend” right away.


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