Game Mystic Messenger

Game Mystic Messenger
Publisher Cheritz Co., Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 33M
Latest Version 1.16.1
MOD Info Hourglasses/VIP
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Update January 11, 2021 (2 months ago)

For girls, do you like game genres like Otome game or Dating sim game? Do you want to get acquainted with the funny, cool, handsome, hot boys that can only be found in Anime genres? This will be a game that you will not be missed when this game will give you an interesting experience when interacting directly with the characters in the game and that is “Mystic Messenger” . Developed by Cheritz, a Korean-based game company specializes in developing Otome games for females. First released on June 18, 2016, on the Android operating system, “Mystic Messenger” has stormed the app store and received many compliments and received from many players around the world. when experiencing a romantic story with great and fascinating characters. In this game, players will be able to interact directly with the male characters in the game by chatting with each other, giving players a real feeling when texting in real life. In addition, the game will have many different routes depending on the player’s choice will give many other endings to increase the drama for the game. So what are you waiting for without downloading the protagonist right away to be able to discover the fascinating stories in the game?

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglasses/VIP)


The player will play the role of an ordinary female character. Suddenly one day she downloaded a messaging app when she happened to be hacked by an unknown character right inside the app and texted her. This person wanted her to find the owner of the phone he found at the station and would try to convince her not to like it. When she agrees to find the phone, she is given the address to come to an apartment and from here the official story begins. She will start living in this very apartment under the ownership of Rika, the founder of an organization called RFA (Rika’s Fundraising Association). Here she was able to meet all members of RFA and was tasked to organize a 3rd party that RFA members expected by inviting guests. She will be added to a chat room consisting of the members of the messaging app she has downloaded earlier to be popular about organizing the party and observing the game’s story. Through this, she will have to choose one of the 7 routes of the given characters, each route will have a separate storyline, as well as find out the truth behind the RFA

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglasses/VIP)


Like the other Otome games, players will be guided by the storyline in the game and then make a choice for their lines appropriate to the given situation. Depending on their answers, the plot will split into many different directions that can lead players to the end of this story. What makes the difference “Mystic Messenger” is that players will follow the story through the message lines displayed in the messaging application. The plot of the game will last 11 days on each route. The first day will be related to the Prologue, the next three days will be the normal storyline and the fifth day onwards will start on every single person’s route. The player cannot choose a route for themselves. At the end of the fourth day, the game system will automatically calculate for the first 4 days the player interacted with the best character, which will determine the character for the player. The thing to note here is that players should not interact with everyone, just focus on a single person or they will have to end in Bad Ending.

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglasses/VIP)

The game will work based on the real-time available on your phone to increase the reality for players. In which players will give favorable feedback to certain characters to increase sympathy with them. With each correct answer for each character, the player will receive the hearts of different colors based on each character and based on which the player will guess which route he will enter. Thereby players can private messages with the character that I pay much attention to. The hearts that I earn can be used to exchange Hour Glasses, an extremely important item in the game that gives players many benefits such as when players want to replay a chat screen that they miss, play continue unlocked chat screen, buy route, buy DLC part, … In addition to interacting with the characters in the game, players also have the task of inviting guests to the party. The cast in the chat room will suggest guests to the player, just agree to invite them, the email of the guest will automatically send to her. The player’s job now is to reply to the visitor’s email exactly 3 times, if they are wrong then they will not come anymore. This will affect the end of the game if the player invites 15 guests or more, it will be Good Ending and if not enough, it will be Normal Ending.

Mystic Messenger (MOD, Hourglasses/VIP)


The game’s graphics are unquestionable when the game’s graphic design style reaches an extremely beautiful level. The interface in the game is built in a modern and luxurious way. The models of the characters are extremely luxurious, the personality catches all the players when it is considered as their ideal model.

How do you feel about this game, very attractive? Again gives players a true experience when texting interacts with characters in the game like in real life. So, why not quickly download “Mystic Messenger” to your computer so you can enjoy the experience.


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