Game Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit

Game Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit
Genre Racing
Size 450MB
Latest Version 2.0.28
MOD Info Unlocked
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Update June 8, 2019 (2 years ago)

Need for Speed™ Hot Pursuit is a product of the series Need for Speed from Electronic Arts familiar home. In terms of racing, it is possible to claim the position of this series on par with the current high-end racing products such as Asphalt, Drag Racing, and so on, but the plot and experience are not identical. Going to the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, an outlaw with a supercar will challenge every race. The pursuit of police with such guys has created a completely different style from the other product line. Chasing and fleeing on both sides will create a fierce race car, fierce. The drift, overturning will create a chubby and nervous rush. This is evident from the feedback of many previous players. All aspects assert the good quality that it brings. Here’s a quick look at this game.

Pick up and play and get rolling in seconds

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is divided into two main parties. If selected by the police, the task of the player will have to chase and block the criminals defame the law. But if the opposite option, the player will have to show his top driver to escape the pursuit of righteousness. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is supported to play between 7 different players. However, no matter which side you choose, it does not completely create a clarity and balanced race. Since your police are few, you still have the ability to capture illegal racers. In contrast to the criminal, there are separate pleasures. Each side has the opposite task, the arrangement of such a mode will make the feeling of suspense is more real, dramatic than ever.

Take on a friend and pursue…or be pursued!

For the rider, the player will have to control his car to escape the police search. Owning a high driving technique to show your racing performance is extremely good. This does not make too much of a decision for your side. Instead, the creation of deceptions, brakes, collisions… to slow down and improve the cop can be much better. Diverse terrain will be a good opportunity for the player to be comfortable. However, if the police were to locate and capture the path, the player would need to create some large collisions or explosions to disturb the waves. This will be the chance to escape them.

As for the police, the supercar will bring extremely good quality, a modern operating mechanism to be able to pursue the crime in the best way. Thus, the privileges of this camp are also added more than the opposing factions. Players can have cars at high speed, higher than the opponent’s basic level a bit. Because the pursuit of an arrest is not simple, the police are supported by the ability to use helicopters to assist. This will help the police make good use of fake hackers to circumvent the law. However, the time factor is a big challenge for this camp. With such a wide field of racing, the time limit will boost the dramatic and the most nervous.

And let’s be honest, every win is going to be a reward for owning a new car. They will bring a higher speed, surpassed, your race will be much more exciting and attractive. So, try to win to upgrade your car, victory will be easier for you.


Proudly an EA home product, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is confidently embracing its professional 3D graphics. This is a common feature in popular racing games. Owning a variety of racing themes and different car styles, the colors that show up will be the deepest and most detailed. Effects and images are carefully crafted, elegant and meticulous will certainly make the race monumental epic. The console is arranged reasonably and minimalist, giving the maximum experience space possible. Live sounds bring a true experience, no different than real-life racing to the player.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is an extreme racing game is worth to try. As a product from the EA, certainly, its finish is extremely high, comparable to the current blockbuster racing. So do not hesitate to download the game right away. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit will not spoil your expectations.


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