Game Nexomon APK
Genre Adventure
Latest Version 2.0.6
MOD Info unlocked
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Update July 18, 2018 (3 years ago)

If someone asks me where my gaming passion is, can I persist in playing more games and writing more like that? The answer is thanks to Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy Color. As a kid, I ploughed so much that only when I ran out of Gameboy battery, I stopped playing. I play it all the time, and every place can sit down to play. Therefore, until I became an adult, I would often look for games similar to the ones I used to play before. I finally decided to play Nexomon by LIME TURTLE, INC. This is probably one of the best games I’ve played since stopping playing Pokemon Blue on my Game Boy. Let me know a bit about Nexomon.

Is this Pokemon?

As of now, anyone can imagine the majority of the gameplay of Nexomon, but I will still go through some spotlights that you may want to know more about. This is a turn-based combat turn-based game that means you will be playing a kid who loves the natural world and is determined to pick up the animals to fight for your honour, step by step become a most famous trainer in the world. Another thing to know is that the animals in this world are incredibly fun and diverse, and they contain the power beyond your imagination and are named by the manufacturer Nexomon. And the game is powered by a turn-based fight, where the Nexomons you control will fight with each opponent’s style of attacking the enemy one by one until one side of the battle is over.

Catch and evolve over 300 Nexomon!

While the world of Pokemon is the most diverse world I have ever known, Nexomon is no less than its male counterparts, providing up to 300 Nexomon players. It is because of that diversity that they will be classified into separate classes that have unique elements that give them specific skills such as water, fire, wind, thunder, etc. There are much more, and you will have to spend a lot of time to learn them thoroughly. Like Pokémon, Nexomons are also able to evolve into more powerful forms. If you are already a fan of it, then try to transform them into the most powerful warriors. Besides, the higher the level, the more epic Nexomon you will be able to fight. I will not disclose anything more, remember to download the game and try it out.

Explore the world

This is a separate world created by the manufacturer LIME TURTLE, INC. They have come up with a great deal in designing a magic world for the game. Although it only brings 2D graphics but is exceptionally sharp is unique. Besides, there are plenty of places and a variety of different weather interactions for you to experience, such as the bright and hot summer nights or the snowy winter nights. But do not worry because the colours of the game made by the manufacturer very intelligent with the sound of life will make you happy.

Sum up

Are you ready to step on this exciting adventure yet? Maybe it will be difficult because your future will face the tough enemies that own Nexomon as well as you, and the epic Nexomon is almost impossible to defeat with personal strength. If you’re ready, let me download the game and dive into this world.