Game Nitro Nation Experiment

Game Nitro Nation Experiment
Publisher Creative Mobile
Genre Racing
Size 580MB
Latest Version 6.4.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

The racing game is entirely new but has been much Who cared thanks to its attractive features that the manufacturer has included in the gameplay. The game has followed a trend that is currently in vogue to expand all the features of the game so that players can freely experience everything. This attraction is good, but there is a weakness that makes it easy for players to get bored when the content they want to play can be satisfied. It is this that forces creative teams to operate at a higher capacity than usual to continually create new content. This is probably the only way and the fastest way to develop the game and have a place in this highly complex and competitive gaming community.

Race, mod and tune dozens of real licensed cars

Nitro Nation Experiment will be just a normal racing game but the latest game mode makes many people feel excited. The publisher’s Drift mode brings it up as one of its most notable spotlights since its launch. They also show you how to unlock this new version of your device clearly on the Google Play main page. First, complete the tutorial steps to understand the basic usage of the game and then create yourself a NEW PROFILE. Complete five races of Career Stage 1 is the final step to get your hands on this new exciting game mode.

Certainly, there are many racing games with this mode, but “Nitro Nation Experiment” ensures their mode has a difference that you will quickly recognize as soon as you test it. Drift Blueprints is one of the most powerful tools for you to experience this mode. Install it, and you can tune to drift perfectly. Many controllers are also integrated so you can customize all that best suits yourself while playing the game.

Besides, Drift Mode always gives you the latest sub-modes, exciting tournaments and competitions to compete in. They will be tests so that players can judge whether their practice is successful or not. Because when logging in here, you will confront the best players from all over the world. Drift Realtime Races and Drift Seasons are tough challenges, challenging other riders to show off their skills. Note, the current time is that the game is still only in the Beta Test stage so the participants will be limited so you should be a little faster.

Start a team, invite your friends, win tournaments

These regimes will be released and if successful will be put into proper operation as well as there are big prizes available. Never miss such a good opportunity. In parallel with tournaments, there are other areas for players to practice. The dock is an emulation race where the production team has put in a lot of obstacles to facilitate players to perform their most beautiful Drift technique. They will have to choose when, where and how to drift. Iowa Ring is a sports ring for high-speed drifting, set separately for players to have a stricter training environment but also to achieve greater efficiency. Because it puts players on a more narrow range and forces them to drive at high speeds, increasing the speed of handling and manipulation.


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