Game No Way To Die

Game No Way To Die
Publisher OpenMyGame
Genre RPG
Size 140M
Latest Version 1.14
MOD Info Unlimited Bullets/Immortal
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Update March 13, 2021 (1 day ago)

Survival in a post-apocalyptic world is already a familiar topic. It is like a common content resource that every game maker will have a different exploit. No Way To Die: Survival is a brand new product that has just been released this summer. With the differences in content as well as how to operate the character, the game is attracting a large number of players at the present time. sepPfHNmvtwvgcHa8hCaeMklQoWJDHFDIOoGO1lMdvldcCHbKf-zvtP4B_sKbqcQow=w800 (800×450)

Mutated symbionts become the biggest obstacle in this game

For some games of the same genre, we will easily find zombies are the biggest enemies of man. They are mutations from humans, so the difficulties they bring will definitely make players feel excited. However, No Way To Die: Survival exploits in a different direction. Dangerous symbionts are things that make your survival journey much tougher. For zombies, only humans are simply infected. Parasites are another thing, they can turn any living creature into a zombie. These mutations make zombies strong, agile, and difficult to be destroyed.

Strange circumstances lead to the ruin of an era

Many years ago, an asteroid suddenly slammed into the earth and caused the biggest disaster ever. It can be said that the scale of this collision is worse than the one that caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. Everything collapses irreversibly. Humans around the world are destroyed, only a few lucky humanity can escape this disaster. The Earth has not recovered as it was but has grown in a much worse way. You wake up in a state of no power at all. As far as you know, you died in the middle of a disaster. After everything is clear, you know that this is a technique developed and perfected by AI. Your dead memories are transferred to your body and revived. The main character is the first and only successful case. This is an opportunity for you to explore the situation on the ground and find ways to help humanity avoid having to face future dangers. In general, your mission is to survive and collect information on the ground. If possible, help those in need. 8wZErtr4uR61RVUctzI4R4fO1-9NREsPupIcnYf_OhVPwxXuLka4QX1m1WxmEdzdl30=w800 (800×450)

Things to do to survive in a horrific post-apocalyptic world

Players need to keep physical form body alive in every way possible. It is like you are living a real life. Not to mention the danger when confronting monsters, just too hungry or too thirsty, you can die. Therefore, the first step into the game is to find yourself a stable resource to exploit. Mushrooms and berries are easily obtained in the forest. They are food with enough nutritional value for you to survive a short time. However, they can contain poison and cause players to drop their HP quickly. Animal hunting is not afraid of being poisoned but you are at risk of being attacked, and then their meat needs to be processed again. In general, you have to put yourself in some dangerous circumstances to survive, not to be ignored.

Equip yourself and build a bunker for firmly yourself

The player himself does not have any power at all, so you must quickly find the weapons for yourself. As you search for resources, you will collect craftable items to create new ones. First, it is hard to create strong things like guns or cars. However, simple things like sticks, bows, arrows, etc. are possible. Keep collecting as you will certainly own them soon. Also, what more necessary to sustain life is your bunker. It is a place where a player will return for good health. A long day of adventure will make the character tired and need sleep. Everyone knows how dangerous it is outside the world. As long as you ignore it, it is harmed by beasts, parasitic monsters, and many other dangers. os3rx7lOvjcmUc2J38HrBvAWxcY5G_GOT_U-gIP9qYjKUv6fXpkNhevi7Ckzs_dxtqNI=w800 (800×450) Your bunker is actually a ruined place. It is also not completely safe and does not have a device for you to work. When you have dealt with essential issues like food and water, you must refurbish your bunker. Collect pieces of wood, bricks, and other materials to reinforce everything. Moreover, assemble a comfortable bed to improve sleep quality. At home is also the best place for you to assemble everything. You can’t assemble anything as big as a gun while out in the woods.


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