Game Oblivious

Game Oblivious
Publisher Nukatu
Genre Adventure
Size 45MB
Latest Version 4.1
MOD Info Skill Cast/Damage
Get it On Google Play
Update December 19, 2019 (1 year ago)

Today, to find a role-playing game is extremely Easy because it’s widely released to all different platforms. You can search for a blockbuster right on Google Play, or just access it; it has introduced you to the latest and hottest products. However, there are still products that Google Play does not have but only released by manufacturers on their website. Of course, there are different reasons for this. Nutaku is one of the well-known game publishers favored by many players, and there aren’t any games that partner with Google Play. “Oblivious” is a product of their newly announced latest information right on the homepage. We quickly collected its DLC. And immediately post it up here so you can experience it with a few added advantages. “Oblivious” will give you one of the most engaging role-playing battles.


You were born in a dangerous age, where everything depends on fighting skills. But unfortunately, you have a weak body and can’t fight. Makai, the land of angels, is not a place where you can live normally. God does not give you physical strength but gives you amazing magical talent.

To prove that you’re useful, you’ve summoned Norn, but that’s when you started to get in trouble. Monsters also suddenly came out and attacked both of them. A new companion offers advice. Richard I is a mighty swordsman, able to free both of them. Finally, you have a 3-person team and start your journey to prove yourself.


“Oblivious” is a fascinating action RPG, taking you to many different lands to fight and experience the feeling of hero. In this battle, you are not a muscular hero with heavy armor and a holy sword. So your task is to use your magical talents to run the warriors who are attacking the battlefield. Players can bring into the ring of 5 characters and control them. Confronting you are weird monsters, coming out of other dimensions to destroy Makai.

The warriors you own will be all heroines for the game also has a small idea. It is that it will lead the main character into a Harem plot (a lucky guy with many girls surrounded and loved him). Except for Norn and Charles I, you will be admitted to the team of many other girls. They all possessed terrible power and a hot body. These people fall in love with you unconditionally and can sacrifice for you. Don’t please them.

You have to continually give them a boost in strength by upgrading their skills and power stats. The inevitable victories will come to hardworking and persistent people. An attraction of “Oblivious” is that it allows players to flirt and build relationships with female characters under their command. When you have certain intimacies, you will definitely get their hot photos. Everyone has an album with lots of pictures, please slowly get acquainted and familiar with them.

MOD Info?

1. Ultimate active after attack
2. 1 Hit Kill
3. enemy Crit/Hitrate 0
Works on Stage/feats/events

High banchance in guildraid.

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