Game One Piece Burning Will

Game One Piece Burning Will
Publisher Ali Games
Genre RPG
Size 1.3GB
Latest Version Beta
Get it On Google Play
OS Android Games

First launched in ChinaJoy 2017, One Piece Burning Will has released a beta version. Currently, readers can download games from TapTap, participate in the battle with the Straw Hat team members. This is a turn-based RPG game that is completed according to the plot, which means that you will be able to review the original memories, the day that One Piece began to appear. If you are a fan of this favourite comic book, download the game and become the character of your favourite. Defeat the enemies in the distant sea and advance to the final destination that is Luffy’s father’s treasure.


One Piece is Japan’s most successful manga/anime. It’s not the best anime series, but it has the most fan base. The story of the boy Monkey D. Luffy by eating the evil Devil turned into rubber, this seems very interesting, but he has to pay a costly price. You can not swim. Ten years later, he leaves his hometown and earns ten members to become a pirate group, the Straw Hat Pirates. He and his friends decided to cross the Great Seas, becoming pirates and finding the treasure that his father left behind. In the quest to find the treasure that his father left, Luffy, as well as the Straw Hat Pirates, have to fight with many other evil pirate ships also want to monopolize richness One Piece, and the Navy of the Government wants to eradicate. They will have to fight and go through many difficulties. But no, their hearts are made of iron. Together they fight and protect each other; friendship becomes the best thing in this story.


One Piece Burning Will has different gameplay with role-playing games, meaning that players do not have to do any task to win. Instead, the player will enjoy this game under One Piece’s official storyline. Your mission is to control your characters against the enemies that appear before them. This is a game that will bring you back to childhood, the day that the manga One Piece was published officially in Japan.


This is an enormous manga/anime character; each character has a different style, tone. So, getting to know the new skills of each character is quite difficult. But if you are an anime or manga follower, this is as simple as “breathing”. You will see the rubber boy Luffy, Zozo eyes, Sanji cook, Nami ham money … along with many other characters that perhaps in this article I can not tell you all. You can not customize your character like other role-playing games, in addition to controlling the style, you can only buy the necessary equipment or learn new skills. This is considered an important point to help keep the colour of One Piece unchanged, too many things.

Graphics, sound – Other features

Although it is also equipped with 3D graphics, One Piece Burning Will has no chance compared to other games of NEXON or some other Korean publisher. As assessed by many review sites, the graphics of the game is at an acceptable level. Not too colourful, not too distinctive, it still achieves what is most needed for a mobile game. The sound in the game is voiced by professional singers and actresses. Also, the OTS songs of One Piece sounded when winning players are the best things that many other games do not.

Sum up

If you are an anime/manga enthusiast in general and One Piece in particular, Burning Will APK is a game you can not ignore. With the plot closely followed the original, exciting gameplay. With an adorable character, this game will surely reap much success in the future.


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