Game PC Cafe Business Simulator

Game PC Cafe Business Simulator
Publisher Perfect Gamers
Genre Simulation
Size 85M
Latest Version 1.7
MOD Info Unlimited Cash
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Update January 20, 2021 (2 months ago)

Many people still do not have the conditions to own a versatile PC to relax in their spare time, such as playing games or studying and socials. Therefore, PC cafes were born to satisfy them, with reasonable prices and many benefits attached, to enjoy all the world’s games. If you want to experience the management of a PC cafe, come to the game PC CAFE 2020. It’s an authentic3D simulation game, applying various mechanics and logic to build real-world and perfect gameplay for the player. Coming to this game, players will have to build a PC cafe by themselves with available funds, pay bills, generate income, and build a perfect PC cafe environment for everyone to relax.

PC CAFE 2020 +++


PC cafes are popular worldwide when it helps people without a PC connect to the outside world, relax with friends, and play the games they love. However, to use this service, the Cafe needs to have powerful and smooth PC sets, and the owner must support more attractive services such as food and drinks for customers. When coming to PC CAFE 2020, players will have to build a PC cafe with their style, such as purchasing components, decorating the store, renting premises, doing everything to operate one pc cafe. Of course, players also have to pay for advertising to get customers to come to the store, thereby creating continuous revenue. Just repeat the same process, players will invest in their PC cafes to grow strongly, expand, or create a new branch.

PC CAFE 2020 +++


PC CAFE 2020 will simulate the job of managing a PC Cafe but through the first perspective. Yes, all processes, such as decoration, construction, layout, etc., will be done through the first person. The game will have a flexible control mechanism, allowing players to freely design their PC cafe to provide customers with the best PC cafe environment. The player can also move around the city, interact with NPCs, shop, and do daily activities like a normal person. The game will still emphasize the simulation element, giving players countless authentic experiences and the feeling of the owner of a PC Cafe.

PC CAFE 2020 +++


If the player thinks it’s just moving around and responding to customers, it’s too simple. At any time, thieves will try to steal expensive electronic components, and the player’s store can be hacked and badly economically damaged. Of course, players must know how to protect their cafe by capturing and attacking thieves to get back stolen parts. Players can install a camera system to easily track customers’ activities if their cafe size is large or lazy to move.


A powerful PC system will need expensive components, but players will need a huge amount of capital to build many machines with similar performance. Therefore, players will have to save, invest, build the best possible stations, and then attach additional services to satisfy customers. Players will be referred to a parts store, regardless of whether 2nd hand or new item will be available. However, players will still have to be on the lookout for scams, causing players heavy economic losses when buying electronic components. Of course, players can still resell old parts to others and use them as compensation for more expensive parts. Besides the components, the player can purchase furniture, such as chairs, tables, and improve the PC cafe atmosphere.

PC CAFE 2020 +++


There are many ways for players to improve store earnings, such as building more powerful PCs, opening new services, and promotions for customers. The player can also expand the premises, build multiple platforms, and have special rooms for a group of people. Players also can have a room rental service in long-terms, accompanied by many attractive services, giving customers many benefits. Building a powerful PC cafe will need a lot of creativity and intelligence in management. Even players will need the luck to do business smoothly and have many improvements in the future.

PC CAFE 2020 +++

PC cafes are in popularity, and many places have a unique design style, providing customers with many benefits and a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, players can build an integrated bar or restaurant if possible. “PC CAFE 2020” can be a fascinating and novel challenge, and at the same time, give players the real experience of having to manage a PC cafe from scratch. Download this game now, build your first PC cafe, and protect, develop, and scale it however you want.


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