Publisher Derailleur Interactive Ltd.
Genre Racing
Size 230M
Latest Version 1.33
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

PEDAL UP! – Human life is now more comfortable thanks to the use of transportation. They seem to connect people in every land and make them know more about the different cultures. It also brings wealth to countries that have built modern and convenient transportation systems. In general, motorcycles, cars and even airplanes are useful and powerful means of transporting people at long distances. But moving at a close range, the bike shows its strength. In addition to being able to make the most basic and driving means of transportation, it is also a means of sport. You can see a lot of people participating in international cycling competitions, or solely in the gym, there are also bicycle parts for exercise.

Bike Trial Simulator for Android

But making cycling a full-figured adventure is another story. PEDAL UP is an entirely new game depicting a favorite sport. Because this game is so hard for an average person to make and no rules to score and make it a favorite pastime. But the community of gamers around the world is not that low either. If you go to YouTube and search for them with live video, you can still watch the action.


In general, it is quite similar to the classic terrain car racing game, but there are variations in the way the vehicle shows and some rules of the game. It also uses full 3D graphics to represent different angles of play that allow players to approach it at a variety of perspectives. But the gameplay process is more difficult and complex than the classic ones. If you play an old-fashioned racing game, you can quickly learn how to control it by saying that one-way moves are represented in flat spaces. But PEDAL UP is expressed in 3D space means that the player must use double navigate controller. The right-hand button will allow you to move forward or backward. (With the special structure of the vehicle used in this sport, you can back down comfortably.) The left side will allow you to control the directional techniques.

When you participate in the game, you will be introduced to the familiar terrain in the city or the jungle strange. Use your balance skills, driving techniques, timing, and experience to move smoothly on the toughest terrain. To be imaginary, you are playing parkour on your bike. It’s even harder because you are never allowed to set foot on the ground, so you lose.

The game offers up to 40 addictive tracks so players can quickly change without being boring. In general, these screens are divided into different levels, ranging from low to high. High levels of difficulty, such as Back wheel hops, jumps, nose-wheelies, and more. There’s also a diet for the fun-filled “camera mode” that will allow you to capture impressive moments to share with friends around the world.


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