Game Perfect Slices

Game Perfect Slices
Publisher SayGames
Genre Arcade
Size 46M
Latest Version 1.3.6
MOD Info Coins/All Unlock
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Update February 25, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

If you are looking for a game to solve If you think about your short spare time after a period of hard work, Perfect Slices is a name not to be missed. Perfect Slices is a pet just born at the end of August 2019 of the Saygames family. Up to the present time, the developer Saygames has released dozens of addictive games for gamers around the world. Taking the criteria is simple, fun, but no less challenging and witty, especially the time you spend for each stage is not long, Saygames has really succeeded in attracting players. The evidence is that more than 60% of the publisher’s games are on the list of game categories. And though it has only been released for over a month, Perfect Slices has climbed to the top 3 in the simulation game category on the Android operating system, and top 7 on the iOS platform. If you know the name Battle Disc or Sandballs, this is a brother in the same house.


The game draws its central idea from the kitchens. Or to put it more accurately, the idea comes from cooking the dishes in which you will transform into the chef who created those dishes. Each type of vegetable material is portrayed cutely, from eggplants to carrots, to mushrooms, cucumbers, and potatoes. Your tools are sharp knives for slicing these ingredients and making great food.


Taking the main criteria is lightweight and straightforward. The game is not too picky in 2D format, but through the sharp magic hands, they become just as intense as 3D. The game’s main interface has only four menus: 1 for the knife collection, 1 for the food collection, 1 for the task interface, and a small settings button in the upper left corner of the screen. The player’s play screen will have a conveyor belt filled with unprocessed ingredients, and a large knife placed in the center of the screen. To know the level of completion, a progress bar will be set at the top. By now, you’ve probably guessed how to play the game? Let’s check it out.


As the name implies, Perfect Slices – great slices, your task is to cut the ingredients into the most beautiful, thin, even, and perfect slices. When you press start, the material conveyor will run over, and your task will be to press to cut. No need to worry about continually pressing your hands, because you can hold it. When you press and hold, the automatic cutting mode will operate, the longer you hold, the faster the cutting speed will. It sounds simple, right? In addition to cutting all the ingredients, you also have to avoid obstacles such as wooden sticks, or iron nets. If you accidentally cut into the wood, you will be interrupted this process within 1 second, for the grid will be stopped entirely playing screen. The faster you complete it, the more points it will have, the higher your skills will be, the more gold you’ll earn. After the game screen, you will unlock many different types of materials and knives.

FEATURES: Perfect Slices is an entertaining game with a massive inventory of levels. At first glance, you might think this is a boring game when you have to repeat each stage of the game. But that’s not it after each level is completed, more new ingredients will appear, and the difficulty will increase! A talented cook will surely love collecting cooking utensils. A collection of knives is waiting for you to complete. On average, less than 1 minute for each stage, the game will be the answer for those who are looking for entertaining games with short break time: no need to pause, no worries playing to the climax, must continue to work.


– In addition to the above-mentioned materials, in the game, there will be piggy banks containing money, or there will be screens of gold bars for you to cast gold coins. To make more money, don’t miss out on these opportunities!
– Make as much gold as possible to easily unlock the collection of ingredients and knives to show off to your friends. Also, watching ads is another way to earn gold. Or unfortunately you stopped the game when cutting iron cage, you can watch ads to return to continue with the fun without interrupting anything at all.
– If you feel there are too many ads interrupting the game, then you can upgrade to the No-ads version so that you can continuously show your dexterity without losing your mood!

Perfects slices – simple, not fussy but challenging and complicated, and moreover making perfect slices will be very satisfying. This will be a suitable option for all ages and generations. Do not hesitate, click download and experience it now.


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