Game Pet World – My Animal Hospital
Publisher Tivola
Genre Simulation
Size 157MB
Latest Version 2.1.3919
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update August 17, 2020 (7 months ago)

Pet World – My Animal Hospital: Being a doctor is always the dream of too many people around the world. But becoming a vet is far less care about. Animal lovers, however, still love the once-loving test of loving pets. Thanks to that desire, a lot of simulation games were born to serve the players. Pet World – My Animal Hospital – Care for animals, is a product of the heart of a Tivola publisher.

This studio works best for the best products for the whole family, so it combines two trends: a child-friendly gaming environment with intelligent entertainment! If you are interested in this publisher, you can search for them in our reputable download sites and see many versions of Pet World. There are mysterious animal games (Phoenix, dragon, and unicorn) or wildlife (elephants, crocodiles, lions), etc. This diversity makes the producer steaming more conducive to and responsive to the needs of more diverse players.

Take care of your pet anytime, anywhere

Return to Pet World – My Animal Hospital, the player becomes a veterinarian who loves to rescue all the animals that need help. From familiar animals such as cats, dogs, and birds to lesser-known species in modern societies such as Koala, Fox, Wolf, etc. It is worth getting a cure from you. Players will be exposed and cared for with over 10 cute animals. The animals of human animals will be brought to their owners when sick. The uninfected animals will automatically come to receive the healing.

You will build and operate a veterinary clinic with the veterinarian’s heart. Modern equipment and state-of-the-art diagnostics such as X-rays, Ultrasound, and vaccines are readily available to players. Each such rule will be arranged, designed as a mini-game. Players will have to complete the fastest way to cure the animals. After treatment and the animals are still in need of care, players are encouraged to take care of them by feeding, drinking, snacking, stroking and cleaning.

All will feel happy

These processes will once complete, provide you with useful equipment. The most valuable item you can get is the blue diamond used to buy stuff that can not be purchased with gold coins in the store. Besides, players have to find ways to study new diseases to prepare for the future. The clinic also has to be decorated and upgraded more and more beautiful and open to welcome more patients.

True graphics

Although it’s just a simulation game of animal health care, publishers do not forget to optimize the graphics for their products. Specifically, Pet World – My Animal Hospital has a sharp 3D graphics, all animals are meticulously designed, in real life. Even, their facial expressions are most accurately modeled. This will create a sense of closeness to the player.