Game PewDiePie’s Pixelings

Game PewDiePie’s Pixelings
Publisher Outerminds Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 265M
Latest Version 1.6.2
MOD Info Unlimited Energy/VIP
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Update September 13, 2020 (6 months ago)

There are always new careers for people in today’s society, some of whom have continually tried to work in that profession and have achieved class achievements. In it, there is a profession called YouTuber, through the video content they create. Videos with good, interesting content easily attract a lot of viewers, and if viewers are interested in the videos of that channel, you can subscribe to keep watching other videos. A lot of people have successfully become YouTubers right now, and now there are very famous ones and many subscribers on the channel. It’s Pewdiepie and his channel currently has more than 102 million subscribers, a huge number ever on YouTube history. His video content is mainly about the game, and recently he introduced everyone a new game with a simple playing style called “Pixels”. This is a product of a collaboration between Pewdiepie and manufacturer Outerminds Inc, there is a game maker specializing in cooperation with famous people on the Internet. Besides “Pixelings” they have also published another game featuring Pewdiepie called “PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator”, a simulation game into a YouTuber.


“Pixelings” – the game combines real-time action and RPG. Players will come into contact with a world called Pixeland, where they will meet PewDiePie and accompany him on adventures against evil forces. To fight them, players have to build a powerful squad of 30 hand-drawn creatures and they are called Pixeling. The game does not require the player to move constantly and complex, it has very simple gameplay, players only need to arrange the team in a reasonable way and let them automatically engage with the opponent. The squad will have 3 positions equivalent to 3 empty rows, they will create an arrow shape with the two upper boxes moving backward and the middle one as the spearhead of the arrow. In a certain time, it will appear the Pixeling random for you, drag and drop them into the box to create a squad. But note, need to arrange them in a reasonable manner to avoid sacrifice.

The Pixeling will automatically attack after their action bar is fully charged, the player is not allowed to control and order them. There are currently two types of Pixeling, namely Range and Melee. Range Pixeling should be placed in the back two boxes and they will attack the enemy in the same row with them. Melee Pixeling is more prone to damage, so it should be placed at the spearhead of the squad, they will attack the enemy closest to them. That is the spearhead of the enemy squad, if the spear is destroyed, it will automatically attack 1 in 2 remaining pixeling. After a number of attacks, pixeling can use their unique skill, such as PewDiePie (he will be an ally in your squad) when using the skill, he will throw his $ 499 chair at the opponent. and cause great damage.

Besides, there are skills launched by the player, at the beginning of the player only has 2 skills to use in combat. The first skill is Firebolt, used to deal with single damage to the target; the second skill is Healing Touch, it will heal one pixeling of you. To be able to use the skill requires a certain amount of mana, he will constantly regenerate during the fight. Players can search and own other skills in the future.


Currently, the game only has 30 kinds of pixeling to create a squad but promises to update more other pixeling to help the game more diversity and satisfy the needs of players to collect. Besides, players can upgrade the pixeling when collecting enough of their cards, upgrading will make them stronger and stiffer but can not increase the default attack speed.

To collect other pixeling, players will receive certificates through reward chests after completing the stage. Depending on their rarity, there will be various rewards. This will include rewards like coins and pixeling cards used for upgrades. The total number of cards depends on the rarity of the reward chest.

In addition to the adventure and completion of the game through the story, players can create their own line-up and compete with other players in the PvP arena. Create a perfect strategy in arranging your pixeling in a reasonable way, using clever and precise attacks to quickly defeat your opponent. Win against other players and create a resounding reputation throughout the “PewDiePie’s PIxeling” game community.

In addition to PvP, players can create guilds and join in to complete their special missions, even building and distributing a place where everyone can talk after hours of hard work in Pixeland.

If you are a fan of this PewDiePie guy and you have an interest in RPG games, “PewDiePie’s Pixeling” will be a game you cannot ignore.


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