Game Pirate Evolution!

Game Pirate Evolution!
Publisher Gram Games Limited
Genre Puzzle
Size 60M
Latest Version 0.14.0
MOD Info Unlimited Gold/Diamonds
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Update February 27, 2021 (2 weeks ago)

Pirates, individuals, and the group are the worst and worst problems you can encounter on the vast seas. However, it is used to create many games, and the pirate era is famous since the 17th century. If you want to experience being a pirate, but in a humorous and friendly style, Pirate Evolution! will be the game you are looking for. Pirates and their activities are always exciting and fierce, even constantly occurring on the vast ocean surface even though accidentally passing. Pirates are brutal and aggressive, and they are ready to block the merchants’ way to raid and hoard. However, in this game, the player will defend the base’s territory, stabilize the trade route, and constantly attack other pirates for their sake.



Pirate Evolution introduces friendly and entertaining gameplay, using pirates theme to develop content and multiple elements throughout the player’s progress. In this game, the player will build a pirate base, grow, and expand it to create new human resources while becoming a pirate. Meanwhile, players must loot, fight, and bring fortune to the island and develop more pirate units to become powerful pirates. Also, players must upgrade warships, combat units, develop or research new things to improve ships’ attack power, and even resist the most fierce attacks.


The base is where the player returns from each battle and is also a place to resupply hoarded items from elsewhere. The game gives a new and special feel to management simulation or base building through its customization and design. The player can expand, build, and upgrade everything to new heights, and they will continuously produce or give the player many important items. Besides, the player must be responsible for protecting the base from the enemy’s pursuit and against them before the base is destroyed. Players can invite friends to this game, from there, raid each other’s base for entertainment.



Pirates must always be violent and become aggressive in the face of all dangers and be ready to fight at sea to survive or steal resources. The game’s fighting mechanics are ingenious and friendly, and players only need to control their boat to dodge or approach. Meanwhile, the weapon system will automatically aim and fire powerful cannons at the enemy. Also, on a vast sea may appear small islands, and players can use them to hide or create surprise attacks for enemies. The game’s combat mechanism is easily mastered, and at the same time, offers the most vivid experience when controlling pirate ships at your will.


When the player engages in battles, taking damage is inevitable, and the upgraded system can enhance the player’s attack and defense. But if the player is confident in their speed or boat steering abilities, focusing on firepower is obvious. Each type of boat gives players different experiences, creating a vivid and richness in the pirate world, and making pirate battles more attractive. Besides upgrading boats, players can upgrade personnel, such as outstanding characters, and ready to fight anytime, anywhere. If the player successfully approaches the enemy and board their ship, they will gradually destroy the enemies and bring many valuable rewards.



The vast sea is the territory of pirates, but at the same time, it is not possible to fully explore following the limits of the weak pirates. The world in the game is built vast and endless, with land containing countless treasures and valuable resources for players. Furthermore, discovering new lands allows players to expand their reach, and establish new trade routes and improve revenue. The creativity in this game is endless, and it will make the player experience all the best elements of a pirate.


Pirate Evolution is not a boring or simple game like the others, but it requires the player to embark continuously while capturing many important moments. During the battle or adventure, players will encounter funny mini-games, and they can bring many benefits or dangers at the player’s discretion. That makes the gameplay more exciting, and players will have more opportunities to bring fortune back to the base.

Pirate Evolution introduces a massive upgrade system, including base and boat upgrades, allowing players to fight and defend the base more effectively while easily expanding territory. Moreover, the game uses friendly graphics and eye-catching visual effects, offering a different experience from other pirates’ views. With those traits, Pirate Evolution is an insanely fun pirate game.


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