Game PitzMaker
Genre Casual
Size 330M
Latest Version 1.4.8
MOD Info Free Shopping
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Update February 1, 2020 (1 year ago)

Each of us, as a child, must have the desire to dress up as our favorite characters. Dressing games have also appeared since then. Until now, the game about makeup still holds a certain place in the hearts of everyone. Typically the game dress up princess or celebrities and PitzMaker is such a game.


PitzMaker’s gameplay is similar to other masquerade games. You will be able to choose a male or female character so you can freely change the appearance of the character. In the game, you can choose to change the face of the character. There are more than five faces for you to choose from. In addition, you can also change the style and color of character costumes. You just need to click on the desired style box. The upper right corner has a Settings button, which helps you customize the character or change certain settings of the character you are playing. Just below the settings button, you’ll see a Zoom button, which helps you zoom in on the characters and get close to the places you want to see clearly.

The special feature of this game is that you can change the character’s eye color into two colors, one for each side, to make your character special. The accessories of the characters are also indispensable, but the accessories of female characters will be more than male characters. Besides, the game also allows you to choose and change the scene around the character. The background could be like lots of flowers, many hearts, or simple lines, which will accentuate your character. Click on Settings, and you will see the changes you want when you change the scene. In general, the PitzMaker game is highly entertaining, you will become a genuine stylist when participating in this game, because you have the right to decide everything for your character, from the face, eyes, clothes. , or even character expressions. You will be like yourself when you join this game.


Characters in the game are all Japanese style anime characters, each with a unique color. If you are a fan of anime, then this is a game worth experiencing. The characters all have a lovely color, attracting players.


This game also becomes more special when there are many outstanding new features. You can select speech boxes called “speech bubbles” like in Japanese comics to show the sentence (thinking) of the character you want to convey. These bubbles also come in many different shapes. Please choose the bubble that best suits your character. They can also be adjusted to a big or small size, or move. You just need to click on the word and take it where you want. Click on the bubble to fill your words or thoughts. You can also take a picture of your character by going to the settings and clicking “capture,” so you have a shimmering image for your character. There are many filters for you to explore. You should experience them all because they are completely free. Filters will help your character become more beautiful and more lovely. However, you do need to have permission to be able to save the pictures you have taken to your device.


Sound is also a great good point for this game. It brings joyful colors as well as delight the players when participating in the game. It is said that music is the key to every game, and it is completely right when it comes to PitzMaker.

Graphics and design

PitzMaker graphics have a very distinct color. As you can see, the design and shaping of the game are very seamless with each other. The colors are quite harmonious and somewhat lovely. Special character nuances in the game are very genuine, giving players a feeling of being immersed in the character.


Wearing a unique design, it brings a sense of closeness to the player whenever changing the appearance of the characters. Each time, you will feel like you are really changing yourself to become more perfect. This stimulates the feeling of wanting to change the self of many players, thereby making the experience of desire to become better.

In general, the game is highly entertaining and especially prone to beauty. Not only about the appearance but also the inner character of the costume. Therefore, the game receives a lot of attraction from everyone.