Game Pixel Starships: Hyperspace

Game Pixel Starships: Hyperspace
Publisher Savy Soda
Genre Strategy
Size 53M
Latest Version 0.983.1
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Update March 11, 2021 (2 days ago)

Universe Wide There is an infinite space out there, containing mysterious things that are far from human knowledge. Although to this day, when science has thrived, it seems that what we know about the universe is like a grain of salt in the sea. We are always asking questions that are outside the universe. Is there life? Are there any dangers threatening our Earth? Let’s play Pixel Starships ™: Hyperspace to explore the mystery. What is the prospect of this game showing us? Please let me know about this game! pixel-starships-hyperspace


Pixel Starships ™ Hyperspace War tells the story of mankind in outer space with strangers aliens, who had the ambition to invade Earth. Thanks to the signal from the satellite, our scientists recognize some of the abnormalities that are happening to our planet. Some satellites are destroyed, and strange objects from the outside fall to Earth. Predictably the ominous, a squad of astronauts was established and ordered out into space to investigate. With the spaceship fully equipped with weapons, they undertake the task of destroying anything that compromises the peace of the Earth. Will they be able to return safely? pixel-starships-hyperspace-1

Online 8Bit Star Ship Trek

In this game, you will control a spaceship. In your space exploration journey, you will encounter many dangerous things, such as alien races, and other factions constantly attacking us. And if you meet them, they will attack you. Therefore, you need to build and develop your ship in all aspects if you do not want to be defeated. The main system that you need to upgrade and improve is the weapon and defense. When these two systems are of a higher level, the ship becomes even more powerful, and this is the key to determining the outcome of the war. However, for the ship to operate, you need to provide a source of fuel for it. This fuel will be processed in the fuel area, and you can also steal fuel from the enemy after defeating them. Sometimes, as a consequence of the war, your ship will be damaged in some parts. You can repair your ship in the support function. pixel-starships-hyperspace-1-1 In addition to the war in space by warships, you can also land in the new planet to explore the mystery. You may encounter aliens and fight them. Like classic strategy games, your army will fight with the enemy’s cavalry, until the forces of one of the two factions destroy. pixel-starships-hyperspace-1-1-1


Overall, Pixel Starships ™: Hyperspace is a game with the gameplay interesting and varied. This diversity manifests itself in the way the player develops his ship and the tactics of fighting through each battle. Besides, the game also has 8bit graphics, the capacity is very light, which helps players avoid lag in the experience. So, download this game and start exploring the universe right away.


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