Game Plague Inc.

Game Plague Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 52MB
Latest Version 1.18.5 b1270
MOD Info Proper/DNA
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Update February 1, 2021 (1 month ago)

In the video game entertainment industry, the genre that is more challenging and makes players have to use their brains to win constantly is the strategy genre. Games of that genre come in many different forms, most of which the player will control many different units and control them through tactical maps to attack enemies. However, Plague Inc. is different; although it was in the strategy genre, but the player will control the disease and spread the entire world, whose goal is to destroy the entire human race. Players will have to evolve, speed up the spread, stop research from finding a cure, and complete a multitude of things to complete a game.

Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)


The game has simple gameplay, but it takes a lot of time for players to master everything, such as evolution ability, obstacles, and countless methods to infect. There are many things for players to research and develop their viruses, but the only goal is to destroy the entire population of the Earth. The game will use the Earth’s world map as a battlefield for the player, and through it, players will track and perform actions to speed spread or slow down research. Of course, players can name their virus, with any name, whether it’s funny or dangerous. Furthermore, players will be presented with a massive upgrade system where the player evolves the virus and improves its infectivity. The world will not stop fighting, and will constantly put in place different measures to prevent the spread of players.

Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)


The player’s spread can be initiated anywhere the player wants, and choosing a suitable location will also be a great advantage to infect faster. Through the interface, players can easily check any country they want, as well as their status before and after being infected. However, the player must also apply realistic physics mechanics, like the climate, terrain, and many other factors to initiate the pathogen. The player’s illness will gradually spread to neighboring areas, and the player will easily control the direction of their spread through the evolution system.


Plague Inc is a game that simulates spreading an individual pathogen, so it will have an upgrade system for players to evolve their pathogens. That system will give users the speed of infection, unlock new methods of infection, the level of lethality when infected, and even enhance their resistance to the environment. Through that upgrade system, players can make their viruses invincible and easily spread by any route, such as air, water, and other means, even insects. However, players need evolution points to upgrade, and they will randomly spawn in infected regions of the world. The larger ​​the infected area, the more evolution points the player will receive.

Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)


Plague Inc will bring players a real-time updated world bulletin, and also where players check the level of disease alarm. News will continuously update new news boards of the world and will be related to many different fields to make the Earth come alive. With important news that could affect a player’s infection, they will be marked in red for the player to formulate a new plan.


The only enemy of the player is the research institutes around the world, as they will constantly spawn different ways to destroy the player’s virus. However, the player can stop their research by tapping on the blue bubbles that appear all over the map. Besides, the player can evolve their virus, cause the academy to become confused, and the player can destroy them to destroy all of humanity. Players can track the progress of creating a cure through the game’s interface; when they reach 100%, then infected people will be quickly cured, as well as widely distributed around the world. If the successful cure reaches all over the world, the player will fail the campaign.

Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)


The main mode of Plague Inc is for players to control a virus of unknown origin, causing human vitality to wear out and lead to death gradually. It can be said that the player’s virus is similar to seasonal flu and can evolve, making them more brutal and dangerous. Also, the game will introduce players to new game modes, like zombies, demons, and even alien invasion. However, each mode will have a separate evolution system and gameplay, making the game diverse, and players will experience control of many different pathogens.

Plague Inc. (MOD, Unlocked All/DNA)

Plague Inc will continuously challenge the player’s creativity in controlling the virus and destroying all of humanity. Moreover, the nations of Earth will constantly be aware of the seriousness of the virus, and they will constantly take measures to fight back, causing the player’s process of destroying humanity to be stopped. If you are trying to challenge your tactical skills, as well as the ability to destroy the Earth through a dangerous epidemic, download this game now, and develop the most powerful pathogen in the human history.


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