Game Plague M.D.

Game Plague M.D.
Publisher ООО АСР Ратоборцы
Genre Simulation
Size 373MB
Latest Version 4.4
MOD Info Full/Paid
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Update February 19, 2021 (3 weeks ago)

Doctors, therapists, pharmacists, and were long-established, but medical technology back then was insufficient and could only cure diseases outside the body. For example, during the 16th century, Europe even suffered a dangerous plague, called Black Death, that originated in infected rats. If you are looking to experience a doctor’s life at that time, Plague M.D. is the game for you. The game does not have many highlights like high-paced gameplay or vivid 3D graphics, but it shows human life in the 16th century and hazardous diseases. This game will give players a real experience of becoming a doctor or physician of the 16th century.

Plague M.D +++


The gameplay of Plague M.D. is simple and slow-paced for those who want to enjoy the gloomy 16th-century atmosphere and lead a slow life. According to the game’s main storyline, the player will become a middle-aged doctor in a small village, thereby building a career and becoming a royal doctor. Besides, the gameplay also introduces endless mode, allowing players to enjoy a professional doctor’s work at that time. The game introduces an element of Interactive Stories, where the player can change the plot and create bad things that a doctor can easily begin. All game decisions are up to the player and their healing abilities to build a healthy village.

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Many players dislike lengthy and useless dialogs, but Plague M.D makes it easy to make dialogue more interesting in a small moment. The player can interact with most NPCs in the village, go around, shop, and enjoy an authentic doctor’s life. However, players will need to maintain the business and generate income, making the village more riot by the disease. That means the player must both save people, but at the same time, have to create the sickness with their hands. The game ensures players are free to do whatever they love to be a doctor.

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Games focus on plot and dialogue, but it is the core of a doctor’s simulation work in a small village. There was no important technology or knowledge about the real disease; even it took many methods to show the real disease. Players are always on duty at their clinics and waiting for patients to come for help. Accident or illness can happen to everyone, but it depends on the player’s ability to heal. Depending on the type of situation, the player can use a detailed guidebook that contains important and effective knowledge for the player to heal. Of course, that includes how to make medicine to save people.

Plague M.D +++


The legendary European epidemic will be reproduced in this game, and plague doctors will begin to appear everywhere. This game is built in a fictional world, so players will be given many options to change the disease’s outcome. Of course, players will have to make many decisions that can change their karma. All problems related to Black Death will be reimagined in this game, and it depends on the player’s medical knowledge. If you want to become a doctor in the 16th century to have a peaceful life, then Plague M.D. will be the choice for you.


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