Game Playdead’s INSIDE APK

Game Playdead’s INSIDE APK
Publisher Playdead
Genre Logic
Size 1.3GB
OS Games Android

Playdead is a game production studio for all platforms from Denmark. Although it has been in existence for more than 10 years, it has so far only released two games, LIMBO and INSIDE. In 2010, after the release of LIMBO for the PC and Console platform, the game received an enthusiastic response from the audience. Despite being sold at relatively high prices, LIMBO has achieved tens of millions of instalments and brought a major source of revenue for the publisher. If you have been in love with LIMBO then INSIDE will be the next best option for you. After two years of release on PC and console, today the game is available on AppStore called Playdead’s INSIDE.

Playdead’s INSIDE inherits all the best and best from his LIMBO brother, is still the old design style, still based on the 2.5D graphics with a dark background, Playdead’s INSIDE is a game of dimensional Deep and brings a lot of emotions to the players. The game is set in the 35s of the twentieth century, when war is everywhere, can threaten the lives of people anywhere. Players will play a teenage boy who is lost and must return home. The path back to the boy’s home is also the way the player must try to overcome, there are hundreds of thousands of challenges and many dangerous pitfalls are waiting for you. Make a cup of hot coffee, enjoy it and think the same way to help him overcome the difficult challenges in front.

If you have played LIMBO, you will find that the colours of these two games are very similar. The background music played in the game is enough to make us heartbeat when each passes the trap. If in the game LIMBO, players only find themselves lost in a forest and must cross the dark forest then in the game Playdead’s INSIDE, the context will appear more diverse. Players will have to cross the ocean, abandoned sites or even long walks without a shadow. And the next point that makes this game better than LIMBO is that players can control their character around the map instead of just moving horizontally as in LIMBO.

As we mentioned above, Playdead’s INSIDE is an in-depth game, the plot of the game is great and special. It is waiting for players to explore slowly. Joining this game, you will find a completely different world, a dark and rotting world, a world of dictators. Playdead is also smart enough to bring in those special messages and send it to everyone. If you know the two famous game evaluation sites IGN and Giant Bomb, you will be surprised when these two sites give Playdead’s INSIDE a high absolute score. It was not wrong when the game also received many awards in the “Game Critics Awards 2016”.

Playdead’s INSIDE is not colour-coded, does not have the eye-catching 3D graphics, but it gives us a great story. A story that makes a lot of people sympathetic and passionate after experiencing this game. The INSIDE story is entirely dark monochrome and the gloom is the main theme, but Playdead uses a bit of brilliant light that we think is a little light. It is very delicate to let Playdead create their own brand.

Currently, Playdead’s INSIDE APK is being offered free of charge on the App Store Marketplace, where players can download the game for free, but it costs $ 6 to unlock all chapters of the game. But believe me, this money you pay absolutely right and will make you satisfied. You can also download Playdead’s INSIDE for PC, PS4 and Xbox One for $ 19.99 at the link below.

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