Game Pool Royale

Game Pool Royale
Publisher Jelly Button Games
Genre Simulation
Size 41MB
Latest Version 1.0.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update September 15, 2019 (1 year ago)

Jelly Button Games is a quite famous game publisher for Pirate Kings™ ️. If you are interested in their product they can find Pool Royale. It’s not merely a billiard game; it’s about a journey with compelling gameplay and deep story. Although only a week has been released, the game has gained more than 50,000 downloads.

Its graphics are a point worth noting. Although it is built on the 2D format, creating beautiful and hot figure characters also makes many players happy. You can see that these characters are not cute, but instead have a gangster-like appearance. Precisely because it is set for a world, players will have to deal with Underworld tycoons. Your venue is not a fixed city, but it is through many different districts. After each district is managed by a boss and your task is to defeat the enemy on the billiard table. It is really one of the most difficult challenges you will face.

Speaking a little bit about the design of the table, it’s like all games with the same genre. In this game, there will be some improvements that you quickly realize when playing it. First talking about color and sharpness, it has been greatly increased in pixels, making the process of playing physics much more standard. Besides, players will be viewed very much instantly fun trick shots stuff that was not previously available in games of the same genre. In general, this will be a fun and humorous game.

Have you got what it takes to win on Pool Royale’s mean streets? 

Actually, the rules of an 8 ball poll game are not too different when it is merely simulating a real game, so it doesn’t change too much. Entering the official match, the player will have to use his white ball to find a way to push all the numbered balls in turn down the hole. When you miss a turn, it will definitely lose the turn for the opponent. The game will end when the 8 balls are pushed into the hole. The person operating is considered the winner.

To meet the boss of a county, you will have to deal with his long ago. The difficulty of each challenge will in turn increase, usually it will be against 5 opponents before meeting the Boss. The harder the problem is to eat, the greater the reward you get. After you defeat the boss of that county, you will surely become the boss instead. The income of everything he receives now belongs to you.

After the resounding victories when you receive it, it will definitely be rewarded. In order to reward your consecutive victory in many games, you will be doubled after each match. Just keep your winning circuit so soon you will have a huge amount of assets. In addition to the main game mode, the player still has other extra modes to get the reward.

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