Game Potion Punch

Game Potion Punch
Publisher Monstronauts Inc.
Genre Arcade
Size 90M
Latest Version 6.4
MOD Info Coins/Diamond
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Update February 23, 2020 (1 year ago)

Potion Punch – Our life is a big picture that covers the universe. Each person is a characteristic color. We all contribute to the picture of life and function differently. It’s like the colorful poison in the game Potion Punch was released not long ago by the publisher Monstronauts Inc. In the midst of the exciting world of MOBA games, Battle Royale, Potion Punch emerged as a unique color gamer.

Fantasy Cooking Game

In the kingdom of Potion Punch, there are many different species from big to small, charity to evil as Elf, Dwarf, Orc, and Goblins. All of them need medicines, so the kingdom needs shopkeepers to sell them. Therefore, you should participate to earn more income. As a true bartender, you will realize that dream in the game. Get the ingredients from the basic colored drugs; you will start selling to the monsters to buy. There are many monsters that want colors that you do not have, you will master the color theory and concoct potions that span the color spectrum! From the first stage, you will come in contact with ordinary customers and their choice is not too difficult. It’s not just the sale of conventional medicine, you’ll learn how to mix the colors of the artists.

Through higher stages, you will receive more difficult requests and more frequent customer visits. Through this job, you will quickly practice fast eye. Customers will be satisfied with the beautiful glasses and the right requirements. From there, you will receive a lot of appreciation and customers will trust your store. Collect more coins and open new stores everywhere on the map from Starluck Village to Emberlion.

In addition to the glass of water, customers also have the need for junk food only in Potion Punch. You can sell more food with special glasses. For each race will have different preferences and tastes. That makes you work hard and tired. In general, the game is light, non-violent, so it is suitable for many players who want to find games like this.

Main feature

  • This is a game that involves a lot of color and chemistry. So, you need to capture the theory of colors and make remedies that increase the spectral intensity.
  • Do not just stop mixing the colors; you will become the only chef in the world with horrible dishes like dragon meat, Mandragora roots, and delicious lizards.
  • What will happen when people, monsters, demons, and other creatures sit down together to enjoy the meal? You will have to serve them all
  • Once your income is stable, you can go to another land and open a new store. Serves the guests there.


Potion Punch owns a simple 2D graphics platform. Multi-console controls support the player. Background music with many exciting soundtracks stimulates players. Potion Punch is a game of bartending and junk food that appeals to many players. Monstronauts Inc always tries to listen to the fans’ feedback to make the necessary upgrades to the game. If you like, install and share with millions of people a relaxing moment.

MOD Info?

  • Money increases when spending
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