Game Prison Architect: Mobile

Game Prison Architect: Mobile
Publisher Paradox Interactive AB
Genre Simulation
Size 25MB
Latest Version 2.0.9
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update January 2, 2020 (1 year ago)

Paradox Interactive is a world-renowned Swedish game developer based in Stockholm. The company has developed many games on the theme of architecture and construction. Typical is the Prison Architect: Mobile. This game allows players to own a maximum security prison. Here players can design and manage their own prison. You will be the manager of all jobs, from building the first bricks, creating facilities for prisoners, to managing staff salaries and caring for prisoners.

Prison Architect: Mobile has many activities such as federal subsidies, security systems, guards and random acts of prisoners. Prisoners can smuggle and start rioting. An important aspect of Prison Architect is balancing the money spent on hiring employees compared to earning money from prison care. The daily earnings are determined based on the number of times prisoners are released from prison and daily expenses from hiring employees.

Execution of judgment and leniency

Judgment is the process of killing a prisoner on Death Row. There are a number of prerequisites that players must complete before killing a prisoner. Once the prerequisites are met, the player can click on the prisoner and schedule the execution. Before proceeding, you need to run a test of the tool to make sure it can be executed. Then you need to gather all the prison guards, witnesses and family members. After the prisoner dies, you must let the staff conduct their funeral. In addition to executing Prison Architect: Mobile has a leniency regime. leniency is an opportunity, where a prisoner, while appealing, is released due to his innocence, or his life sentence is reduced. If the prison receives a successful appeal that you are still dealing with, the prisoner will be released and you will be fined.

Service for prisoners

Prisoners are detained but they are still served needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping, resting, sports, labor, … One way to reduce the time for entertainment for prisoners is to set up the TV in the cell. Even if you don’t have free time, you can still satisfy the prisoners’ needs by placing toilets, TVs, showers and other items in the cafeteria for prisoners to use after meals and recess. By placing a shower in the canteens, you do not need to bathe prisoners, instead, they can use.

Room for prisoners

One trick is that you can plan prison by using the Planning tool. When using this tool, you can fire all your employees to earn more profits, because they will do nothing while you plan. After that, you can hire them when needed. In kitchens, you should have a guide to prevent prisoners from smuggling. You should put the kitchen and canteen close to each other, which will reduce the time it takes for the cook to put food on the service table. The bigger the factory, the more prisoners are working. The maximum number of prisoners who can work in the Workshop is 100. For 200 prisoners to work in the Workshop, the room size must be 240 bricks. You need to arrange the rooms so that it is best to manage easily

Prison security

Guard is the security guard for the prison. The more guards you hire, the more secure your prison will be. You often need to order guards to patrol the prison to ensure security and make sure that prisoners don’t try to punch a hole to escape. In the hospital, you should place a guard in case a prisoner attacks a doctor. Professional dogs will help significantly in sniffing out which prisoners use banned substances or poisons.


You should receive benefits at the beginning of the game. They will help fund prison construction. Building an additional warehouse will save you money. Because when you break something, it will not be discarded and you can reuse it later. If you really need money when starting the game, you can reduce staff. Certain employees like Free Workers, you can temporarily dismiss them to earn extra money. Just make sure you don’t leave anyone important like Cooks, Guards or Janitor.

MOD Info?

  • To start the game with money, click Load and load the last save.
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