Game Prison Escape
Publisher Words Mobile
Genre Action
Size 20M
Latest Version 1.1.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Update November 16, 2019 (1 year ago)

You used to be a fan of the series Prison Break. well-known former hit movie studio Fox. Do you always want to experience the feeling of suspense every moment when escaping from prison? Now players can experience that feeling right on their mobile phones with the game Prison Escape. A game genre of action role-playing full of appeal and drama, built on the theme of escape. The game was released by Words Mobile, which has previously published many popular titles on the Mobile platform and is available on Google Play. The game has received more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, has also received nearly 10 thousand comments and reviews from players for the game, including many positive comments for the game. All of which are unique to Google Play, through which players can see the irresistible attraction of this product to gamers. Of course, the game is labeled 16+, so make sure you are 16+ or play with your parent’s guardian. Download Prison Escape now to feel the thrill of the game brought in each thrilling and dramatic action.


Prison Escape was released by the manufacturer and put on a layer of top-notch 3D graphics so that players can quickly feel the authenticity that the game brings to players as perfectly as possible. Thanks to this graphics style, everything in the game seems more realistic than ever. The player thought that he was transforming into a character in the game to manipulate everything from the brain to the physical strength to be able to escape from the prison. The scene in the game, the player will have to transform into a prisoner locked in a prison surrounded by barbed wire fence several meters high and strictly protected by the guards who are always watching you on every moment. The layout of the buttons is also streamlined, the special effects in the game are also carefully implemented to match the graphics and increase the authenticity for the player, the processing effects of the character, gore effects, the beatings of the prison … also made carefully to help players thoroughly enjoy the fun and thrill of the game to bring. In addition to the graphics and effects, the sound is also an indispensable thing if you want the match to be perfect and receive high praise from the player, the sound is a vital thing. The sound in the game, many players rated it as suspense, awakening every sense of the player, sound processing extremely sophisticated to stimulate the player.


FREELY TO GO: Because the game is a prison break but does not mean you are not free to move, Prison Escape is created by the manufacturer. The gameplay is intuitive, so players are still open to move and explore the details in the map and take advantage of small holes to escape. Players can also make friends with other inmates so they can assist themselves in this tough and challenging escape process, fight with other prison gangs, and gain respect. The respect of other prisoners is also an essential factor in determining whether or not you can succeed in the process.

MISSION SYSTEM: In the game, there are more than 30 different missions, find your way to complete those tasks step by step, be careful not to be captured. If you complete all the tasks, the ultimate goal of successful escape will be done. But if you make a mistake in this long and challenging process and then get caught, you are considered lost and could not escape anymore. So be careful in every little detail to be able to survive the prison’s security guard safely. In addition to the typical tasks, the game has a Survive mode to increase the dramatic experience through each game screen for the player. If you are a fan of the movie Prison Break and want to transform into Michael Scofield, Please download the game “Prison Escape” to be able to enjoy a feeling of irresistible suspense, full of drama and very interesting, dramatic missions, graphic style, sound effects… It is what has made an irresistible attraction such as a top-notch escape game theme.