Game Project: SU

Game Project: SU
Publisher Epic Game
Genre RPG
Size 3GB
Latest Version Coming soon
Update April 3, 2019 (2 years ago)

Project: SU – Since achieving great success with Fortnite, Epic Games has little moves in launching a new blockbuster. That does not mean that they completely stop producing games, but just thinking about it to focus on running for their key products. But after some time, they also have to embark on the launch of new products to maintain their working circuits. Recently, GDC 2019 has received a piece of extremely interesting information that the publisher of this game will continue to offer an entirely new spiritual child.

The information attached to me and also the most notable highlight of this game is that it uses the Unreal Engine 4 graphics technology that Epic Games owns. Make sure that any game product that uses this technology produces the best images that are always received by players. A side note, but also quite important, is that this game developer saw a collaboration with China studio Loong Entertainment to produce this new product. When opening the game officially released widely in China, its owner will be Tencent Games. With the coordination of the three giants in the world game, this will probably stir up the gaming market this summer.

The new game is said to have approximate that of AAA PC games. It doesn’t have an official name yet because it’s still in development. But since then, everyone can call it with the name Project: SU. When everything is nearing completion, it will definitely have an official name and people can easily find it on every article. If you have a special interest in it and do not want to miss any information, you can follow up continuously on our website. We will keep you up to date with the latest news, as soon as it starts to open up for pre-registration and the rewards it offers for gamers.

The most notable highlight of “Project: SU” is that it definitely uses unreal engine 4. Thanks to Epic games being the owner of this technology, they will make their products available. Many enhancements. In parallel with that core technology, it also incorporates many other leading techniques like global illumination, dynamic lighting, bloom, GPU particle effects, and PBR rendering. When you participate in gaming, all moves and actions of players can be manipulated smoothly for a large open world full of freedom.

If you follow the game design style of Loong Entertainment, it will be obvious that most of their games refer to a China-based fantasy world. Here, the Fantasy elements are upgraded and considered valuable. Loong Entertainment was chosen by Epic games to become the main designer of “Project: SU” for that reason as well. Because this game will design based on the story of a popular best-selling Chinese novel, it will have a complex development and interweaving in a battle that does not end between humans, half-bloods and Dragons. It’s like an epic story about the mighty victories of brave people. Both character and context are a mix of Western, Chinese and Japanese culture to create a world when mixed with real and Fantasy landscapes. This great open world always contains interesting and interesting things for players to learn. By being able to freely move and do whatever you want. For example, indulging their passions and blowing off steam in this contemporary cosmopolitan setting at nightclubs and bars or building their own vehicles and joining in a pulse-pounding auto race, “Project: SU” obviously brings the unique experiences.

In addition to the traditional modes favored by many people, the development team has launched a new regime right at the GDC 2019 performance. Highly free-form sandbox gameplay has attracted a lot of attention. Attention from those attending the conference. Players will connect with many NPCs designed with diverse emotions and actions. That mock world is certainly rich and rich, not inferior to multiplayer modes.


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