Publisher Tencent
Genre Survival
Size 1.7GB
Latest Version 1.3.0
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OS Games Android

PUBG is one of the most beloved titles in the world. It almost crushes all other game items at the moment and becomes the king of action games. In fact, if you are a passionate fan of this series, then I will never miss PUBG in general and PUBG MOBILE in particular. To comment on this action, only the compliments for its publishers when they did the release were too good, were agile when they realized the trend and quickly responded to the players. When other game products Need a long time to determine the next direction, Tencent quickly realized PUBG’s potential and gave it an instant mobile version. Currently, both versions operate independently from each other with no interactive implications. However, the gameplay is almost identical, so it seems to differentiate the two types of players who share the same passion. If you are aiming for a professional community with high gaming skills, along with a well-invested equipment system, then PUBG PC is definitely a place to attend. PUBG MOBILE has a different direction when it comes to casual gamers, just want to have simple entertainment hours but is passionate about this game genre and also want to catch up with the trend of the world too. In general, two different objects with two different game versions, however, bring positive effects to the publisher. They have received huge sales, and until now, it continues to grow.

The official PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS designed exclusively for mobile

As mentioned above, PUBG MOBILE is a game version for PUBG’s smartphone. It is a game aimed primarily at ordinary players who don’t have a lot of professional needs. However, you won’t find any of its weaknesses, making this version of the game weaker than your brother on your PC. The first is that in terms of graphics when you play, the game will see that it has been promoted very well. If compared to games of the same genre and still active, it is always superior to almost every other product. High-end games are practically as close to this level as possible, but with respect to games with the goal of producing that is to follow trends and use a bit of fame, it may never be possible. The characters in the game are always shown in a sharp way to show the strength of the characters, along with the equipment that you give your characters have created extremely eye-catching effects. Generally, in terms of images, players will be delighted with the mobile version of this game.

Treasures of the Seven Seas

Another feature that makes this game always attractive in the eyes of the player is that it updates very carefully with each season. There are a few of my friends who stopped playing this game for just a month and received a lot of changes when they came back. This is perfectly reasonable when the competitors of “PUBG MOBILE” on the market still find ways to copy their popular features so that they can attract an interactive fan base for that publisher. The healthiest way to compete is that they offer new features regularly and force these competitors to use their minds to transform so that their products are also attractive as things grow and create a diverse environment, players like what they can choose, suitable for their interests. Different modes of play are always updated quickly, with each version having a different focus introduced earlier by the publisher. Moreover, with the community building style of such a large publisher, extremely diverse channels will quickly provide players with the best knowledge to participate in the game so that they can catch up with a great time.


The battlegrounds play is really familiar to gamers at the moment when you have to face 99 players and become the last survivor if you want to win. This is the creation of a new era action game when it breaks all the limitations of previous games. In the meantime, you will only have to deal with opponents with a limit. For example, in PvE matches, the opponent will usually have a level of power slowly increasing, or if for PvP matches, it will be limited in about ten people is the maximum. A game of 100 people in a large map is really something new that immediately attracted players around the world. Currently, the character system of the game has been developed by Tencent in a remarkable way. Each update will have a different new character, but they also have skins that change their appearance to create their own charms that show style. Unreal Engine 4 is really a powerful tool for you to convey the best images to the players.

Besides the 100-player mode, when you’re allowed to participate in fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes. These two modes will bring players to the most favorite experiences in the gaming market of all time. The matches you can match with your teammates will definitely bring more fun experiences. But even more, if those friends can work together with you, winning will come to a lot easier. And finally Zombie mode Probably everyone feels its attraction. Your opponent is now monsters that look like humans but have no emotions at all. They were previously human but now have become superior killing machines. Compared to the definition of Zombie in the past time, this monster has become much more intelligent, agile, and cruel. “PUBG MOBILE” will also have variations so that the Zombie attacks become as attractive and stressful as possible.


A unique thing in the game is that the player can change the perspective of the character to cover everything in the game. When you need to observe things far away to plan your next attack, use TPS. When everything has begun to enter the battlefield, focus, and use FPS to be able to create the most spectacular highlights. Or it’s just that trying to win for your team is okay.

Each day is different; there will be different events with challenges so that players can get various rewards. These types of bonuses, though, are not fixed but are very stable so you can quickly make yourself productive and create enough premise to participate in future matches. Moreover, game makers are always looking for ways to let their community grow in the healthiest way. So they will quickly update the tools to prevent cheating. If you intend to use the tools to achieve quick and easy results, watch out.


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