Game Pull Him Out

Game Pull Him Out
Publisher Lion Studios
Genre Puzzle
Size 65M
Latest Version 1.2.1
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Update January 10, 2021 (2 months ago)

The puzzle game genre has flourished and introduced countless variations, such as jigsaw, match-3, bubble shooting, etc. Although it has many variations, its heat and attractiveness do not diminish, and even players will always find a new breeze for the puzzle genre. One of the games in a unique variation of the puzzle genre is Pull Him Out, where the player will overcome puzzles by drawing iron bars. It sounds simple, but players have to spend a lot of time just to overcome a challenge. The game uses simple graphics, friendly to everyone, and suitable for all ages. Not only graphics but also its content and challenges are simple, as well as how to play.

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Pull Him Out will have challenges revolving around a treasure hunter trapped by complex traps during the trip, and the player’s task is to rescue him by solving puzzles. All puzzles are designed to be simple, as players only need to draw iron bars in the correct order so that the traps do not destroy the hunter. Interestingly, the interactivity of each trap in each challenge is the most outstanding element, when the player can use these traps to destroy other traps, thus creating a safe passage for the hunter. If the player successfully passes the challenges, the game will have many attractive rewards for the player to have more exciting experiences with the next challenges.

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The hunter’s journey will have to go through many different types of environments, and each environment has a unique design from colors, traps, terrain, and even atmosphere. Players will always experience new types of traps in each type of environment, when they are all unexpected, and become smarter. Other traps can remove all traps, but only if the player successfully hits the metal bar. As the player progresses with the game, the size of the puzzles will get bigger and more complex, as will many deadly traps along the way to challenge the player’s intellect. Not only trap but also rewards are hidden behind each metal bar for players to collect.

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Pull Him Out will become more amazing and entertaining thanks to the appearance of the costume system, when players can collect countless different pieces of costumes in every challenge. The hunter can dress up a variety of different costumes with many cultures from around the world. Even players can mix many different pieces of costumes to make the hunter more funny and ridiculous. Not only the costume but also the make-up feature to make the hunter’s face entertaining and suitable for all ages.

Pull Him Out is a puzzle game of a different variant from other puzzle games. Instead of players having to become miserable with complex puzzles, they just need to study the interactivity of each trap and then draw the metal bars in a specific order. The game does not force the player to remove all the metal bars in a challenge, which some can leave untouching. All that the game wants is to provide people with simple, entertaining, and varied puzzles that players can enjoy anytime, anywhere.


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