Game QQ Speed

Game QQ Speed
Publisher Tencent
Genre Racing
Size 1.1 GB
Latest Version 1.7.2
MOD Info gems
Update August 27, 2018 (3 years ago)

Speed games have become one of the pleasures of man since ancient times. racing games, boat racing, … And in modern times, racing has become one of the most popular sports and many followers. Thanks to the popularity and appeal, speed games are brought into the game and are always supported by so many fans all over the world.

Speed games such as Need For Speed, Asphalt, … have annual updates and the number of regular players always on the eyes of millions. Chinese game makers also do not want to be left behind by their brothers. They take advantage of the billions of people who market their proprietary games. QQ Speed has just released on both the most popular phone operating systems today is iOS and Android. Basically, this is a racing game, simple gameplay, graphics eye-catching, attractive to players ages. This will definitely bring success to China’s most powerful producer, Tencent.

With the most popular games in the world today such as League of Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite, … are released on both PC and mobile platforms. Tencent on the journey to becoming the largest game publisher in the world. In addition to the games purchased from the world, they themselves have their own games in the genre RPG and now is racing.


Actually, this is just a simple game, can say it uses extremely classic gameplay. You will be allowed to control a car, by pressing the left or right button. The car will automatically move forward. Besides, the right side will be the function buttons such as accelerator, brake, and nitro. At the later levels, you can unlock special skills to help you win the race.


The game is designed with endless style of Tencent. The cars are never present in reality, it seems like that a beauty is like a cartoon. But this will appeal to many young players, in addition to the beautiful ones perfectly with the pets around. It can be seen that the game suits the needs of everyone’s entertainment. Cute graphics make it look more attractive than ever.

In addition to the racing around the story of the designer given to gamers. It is the PvP race, confronting real players who control the cars. These races are certainly much more attractive. By having the skills at your level, the system will place them in the same game. With fair rules, where there are agility skills, deep vision, clear tactics will win the final victory.

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