Game Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race

Game Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race
Publisher Rooster Games
Genre Racing
Size 97MB
Latest Version 1.1.3
MOD Info money
Get it On Google Play
Update December 2, 2019 (1 year ago)

You love the sound of the noisy but exciting bustle of the racing car. Modern life puts us too tied up, the pressure piles up for the sake of living, it is impossible to do the adventure of traveling with your own car going there, participating in speed contests with hobbyists The race car racing is great performers. The loud noises of a large area, the cheering cheers of the audience and the blazing sunshine that you always want to experience. All Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race will give players the truest emotions.

This game is for those who love adventure racing games. Are you ready for the fight, you have enough passion and understanding for this sport? You want to experience the thrilling race that racers often participate. Then start with Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race right now. Players can participate in any race, anywhere and at any time, as long as you own a car that can race. Take part in great prizes, shop for cars or take part in underground competitions, running at as much speed as you can to become a first-class driver. All can be done when participating in the game. There will be police patrols always observe, security guard, so if you encounter them, your job is to flee.

Get out of control of the police and make them mad because they can not catch the rioters. Smooth control, not affected by anything on the screen. This helps the player feel more comfortable and controllable. Money earned from matches can help you refurbish your car. Change colors to suit your personality and interests. Repair damaged or degraded equipment. Replace the tires, change the steering wheel, fix the car lights … all that a car needs you can do without spending a lot of time to take the car shop to do.

There are 5 different game modes, you can choose between different characters. Your acquaintance or stranger can become your opponent in the tournament. Challenge your ability to withstand the pressure while completing the race. Do not stop upgrading your car through stores and repair stations because players always need a better car to prepare for the next rounds. Not difficult to control but not easy to win first place in the race. So practicing and competing against other racers is a must. Give your speed a maximum of 100 km/h, causing people to smoke behind you. Unlock other game services and add-ons by earning money and earning first-class.

The difference with other games has made the Racing Horizon: Unlimited Race. The game is free and anyone can download their smartphone. With high-quality graphics and physical interactions that are used for racing in the most realistic tournaments, we guarantee you will experience spectacular, how the adventure sensational races.

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