Game Re: Monster

Game Re: Monster
Genre RPG
Size 60M
Latest Version 7.1.5
MOD Info Damage/God Mode/Stamina
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Update March 13, 2021 (13 hours ago)

Isekai is one of the most popular manga genres. These kinds of stories depict the main character dying and coming back to life in another world. This character has the opportunity to remake life the way they want. Re: Monster also tells the story this way, but it has a completely different way of expressing it. For isekai plots, characters will relive in a world where they have great power. Often these people will become heroes and live a dream life. Re: Monster again brings the main character back to life as a goblin. What can you do with this weak body? Your journey will be reflected in the game.

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The story is both humorous and ironic

You are assassinated by your own sister in the real world. Before dying, all grief is etched in memory. Tomokui Kanata is dead. That is the surest thing. But why does he feel like he’s alive? Eventually, this character realizes that he has been reincarnated into a weak goblin. If you haven’t imagined it, it is a thin, green goblin that gets destroyed in one attack.

However, you still retain a divine privilege. You can absorb the power of what you eat. Even objects and creatures are absorbed by you. “Re: Monster” is about the story of the weakest creature ever known in the Fantasy world to become the master of the world.

Fight in a unique world, the Law of Life is different

The world of this game is really a little bit different from what you know. As a goblin, your friends are monsters. They will help you with all your mastery of the world. First, you will meet opponents that are quite weak. They could be the rabbits on the edge of the forest. These rabbits also have their own powers and can still kill you if you do not take good precautions.

Your journey in this game is to constantly hunt to eat your booty. That means each contest where you overcame an enemy will collect their meat. Every time you eat meat, you will learn a new skill. They are a useful tool in your game. However, this is not all you can do. “Game Studio Creator” is a game with an additional element of strategy.

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Using the element of strategy to create variety in combat

The player does not fight alone but can bring a few teammates. They will fight with you until they run out of energy. Depending on the strategy and the enemies you encounter, players should bring the right formation.

To enter a battle, the characters will be arranged on a 3×3 board form. Monsters standing outside will slowly enter the board and attack. You can also move the units to attack or defend. You can also increase the strength of the unit based on its standing above the board. You are the main character in this battle. Fighting will end as soon as you are killed even though her teammates are still alive. Be careful with the enemy.

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Character classifications show strength and gameplay

Similar to strategy games, Re: Monster offers players, different character classes, to use in many situations. There are 6 character classes built in three distinct trends, with different effects on the game. Hatred and Anger are two classes of characters with a short attack range; have good stamina and do moderate damage. Regret and Agony are capable of long-range attacks and do a lot of damage; however, they are very easy to kill. Pleasure and Prayer provide effects that benefit teammates but themselves are quite weak. You must use these 6 classes of characters flexibly to protect the goblin and attack the enemies. The enemy will have many ways of attacking, coming from many directions, and having unexpected tactics.

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After absorbing power, you will have a whole new skill.

Thanks to this mechanism, Re: Monster works just like a TD game. The skills you learn will be listed on the right side of the screen. Players will be allowed to bring 5-8 different skills that have a huge impact on the outcome of the battle. Please learn the skill carefully before using it. If you bring skills that are not going to do much in a definite battle, you will waste a chance to win.


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